Information Sought For Lake Powell Vessel Salvage Program

Example of a possible future salvage project on Lake Powell/NPS file

The National Park Service at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is seeking information regarding large debris existing on Lake Powell to inform future salvage and cleanup efforts.

The park is seeking specific locations on the lake where vessels have sunk or were exposed during low water and where other large deposits of debris may be located.

An email inbox — [email protected] —  has been created for the public to send information. Park staff will monitor this email inbox and compile public input. Information needed includes descriptions (what is the debris), locations (physical description) with GPS points and photos if possible. 

Information received from the public will be combined with park records to define the level of effort and funding requirements. Next steps include defining the means and methods and timing of implementation. The park will begin data analysis on this initial round of public input in April. There is no planned end date for this data collection effort as the park needs to collect and store this data in perpetuity. 


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