Is The Anti-Gun Lobby Capitalizing on Death?

A disturbing thing is happening within the anti-gun lobby groups as their fearful rhetoric loses its impact on rational-thinking people. In a recent post on X, Everytown for Gun Safety and March for Our Lives appear to be trying to make gun free zone school killings a national holiday by revisiting the tragedies annually. As people try to move on from the events, the anti-gun groups seem to be celebrating them in their pursuit of gun control.

Do they really care about the loss of human life? The politically motivated gun grabbers in America have a sick and twisted view of what is best for Americans.

They watch children get killed in schools, publicize the deaths under the guise of virtue and continue to support the very laws that are responsible for the loss of life. The deadly gun free zones, where everyone is forced into unarmed helplessness, are supported by those who claim to want the killing to stop. Not only do they support gun free school zones, but they also make a special effort to keep schools vulnerable to attacks. In this X post by Everytown for Gun Safety, the group is specifically calling for less security at schools.

In 1990, Joe Biden introduced the Crime Control Act. Within the Crime Control Act was the Gun Free School Zones Act. Ever since Biden presented the idea that children in schools should have no protection, killers have been taking advantage of the opportunity he created. The gun-grabby lobby groups seem to capitalize on the dangerous policy by standing on the graves of those who lost their lives while pushing even more dangerous ideas.

Since Biden’s Gun Free School Zones Act became law, school killings have doubled and continue to increase at twice the rate of increase every 10 years. Groups like Giffords, Moms Demand, and March for Our Lives, do nothing to implement protection for students, but they do take advantage of the dangerous policy and fight to keep it in place.

If we must watch children die in school while left-wing, anti-gun lobby groups politicize those deaths, we should at least demand that these groups offer a solution in the way of armed security to protect innocent lives. They refuse to offer the most obvious solution to the problem they have created. If the political left really cared about the children, they would promote armed security at school entrances and the ability of staff to be properly equipped to defend the children. Why don’t they offer such a thing? The answer is simple. If they did, they would be admitting that it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun. This undermines their entire anti-gun fear campaign. So, they continue to put children in danger and blame others for the problems they perpetuate.

When we see groups like Everytown politicizing death in their pursuit to disarm their fellow Americans, we recognize the lack of support they have on social media. Almost 100% of the responses to anti-gun social media posts are in opposition to the message propagated by the anti-gun groups. This shows us that they really do not have the support that they pretend to have. Real Americans overwhelmingly support the rights our Founding Fathers recognized in the 2nd Amendment.

Like all propaganda, anti-gun propaganda requires constant effort and must be consistently pushed and paid for. When trying to manipulate the thought process of people through propaganda, a steady stream must be maintained especially when the message goes against our natural instinct. In this case, rational people understand that without a gun, you have no chance of defending yourself against a killer. Often, even anti-gunners recognize this but can’t seem to change course out of fear of retaliation by their peers.

When anti-gun propaganda stops, rational thought gravitates back toward the basic logic that firearms are the ultimate life-preserving tool, so anti-gun propaganda must be a constant, grinding, emotional machine. This is like trying to fill a bucket with water if the bucket were to have a hole in it. A constant flow must be maintained to achieve a steady level. In order to keep people in support of illogical ideas, the propagandists cannot let up.

The people inside these groups seem to be of two mindsets. Those who understand they are being deceitful and those who have been manipulated to the point that they believe their efforts are good. Both are dangerous.

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