Grizzly’s Sweet Dance Moves Caught on Trail Cam in Alberta

Grizzly bears can throw down some sweet dance moves, as seen on this trail cam footage from Alberta, Canada. In reality, the grizzly is scratching itself against a tree, but doesn’t it seem like it’s putting on a show?

The hilarious video edited by Help Alberta Wildies Society (HAWS) shows a family of three grizzly bears, possibly a mother bear with two nearly grown cubs, walking. Two of the three bears walk past a perfect scratching post (a thin tree), but one bear just can’t pass it up.

The young grizzly stops, stands up on two legs, and starts scratching its back against the tree. It raises an arm up to hang on to a tree branch as it gyrates, shakes its head, wiggles its hips, and really gets down to its own beat. HAWS edits in some Latin music.

Though posted to Facebook this week, HAWS says the video is a “re-run”, and the trail cam footage is from 2022. Watch a grizzly “dance” on a trail cam here:

HAWS’s main focus is wild horses, not grizzly bears, though the organization’s trail cams seem to capture all kinds of species, including not only horses and bears but also wolves and Canada lynx.
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