TacticalEdge Electronic Noise Cancelling Headphones $29.99 FREE S&H Returns

TacticalEdge Electronic Noise Cancelling Headphones lowest price

Amazon has the TacticalEdge Electronic Noise Cancelling Headphones on sale for $29.99 with FREE shipping and Returns.

TacticalEdge Electronic Noise Cancelling Headphones

  • RIGOROUSLY TESTED, CONFIDENTLY WARRANTED FOR 2 YEARS: Enjoy worry-free use with our 2-year warranty on electronic earmuffs (provided by TradeSmart LLC). Our assurance comes from extensive shooting headphones testing—18 rigorous production checks and a third-party inspection—affirming our confidence in their quality. From day 1 to 730, you’re fully covered. Plus, each gun headphones purchase aids community driven initiatives in the USA and abroad. Make a difference and stay safe.
  • HEAR THE IMPORTANT STUFF, NOT THE NOISE: Our latest hunting and shooting earmuffs, certified in the USA in 2023 with an ANSI NRR of 24, are engineered to shield your hearing from harmful noise levels up to 45dB. But it’s not just about silencing noise; this noise cancelling ear protection amplifies essential sounds, like instructor commands or safety alerts, up to 5x. Experience the perfect balance of safety and clarity, ensuring you never miss a critical moment while remaining fully protected.
  • DIAL IN TO YOUR GOLDILOCKS AMPLIFICATION: Frustrated with multiple buttons on your electronic ear protection for shooting? One touch up is too loud, one down too quiet. At TradeSmart Safety, we’ve simplified it. One dial controls power and fine-tunes to the ideal amplification. Dial it up to compensate for hearing loss or capturing subtle sounds like distant prey. Dial down to the perfect indoor range amplification. Enjoy the ‘just right’ setting every time.
  • RELIABLE POWER FOR UNINTERRUPTED SHOOTING SESSIONS: Dead electronic shooting ear protection at the wrong time is the worst, right? Our shooting range headphones use easily replaceable, or rechargeable, AAA batteries, avoiding the inevitable decline of inbuilt batteries and ensuring you’re always a quick swap from being fully powered and action ready. Plus with a clever 4hr auto shut-off feature, you can kiss those ‘Oh no, I forgot to turn them off!’ moments goodbye.
  • PERFECT YOUR AIM WITH COMFORT: Engineered for precision, our slim ear protection enhances your shooting experience. It’s designed to prevent interference with long guns, boosting your mobility and accuracy. The slim ear muffs are adjustable, with an ultra-soft padded headband that ensures a custom fit, providing lasting comfort. Its lightweight structure and durable build facilitate ease of use and longevity, focusing your concentration for the perfect shot.
  • NO DROPOUTS, NO RADIO WAVES, NO COMPLICATIONS: In a world without wires, we bring you… a wired 3.5mm jack. Why? Because simple means reliable. Plug in, zone out, and stay connected to what matters – your music, your calls, your peace of mind. These electronic earmuffs for shooting are tailored for those insisting on comfort, simplicity & quality. From shooting instructors & their students, to competitive shooters & hunters. TradeSmart electronic hearing protection makes simplicity a strength.

Experience the future of shooting ear protection with TradeSmart TacticalEdge Electronic Ear Muffs, combining durability with cutting-edge noise reduction. Designed for the discerning shooter, these shooting ear muffs promise simplicity, efficiency, and unparalleled comfort. Make the smart choice.

TacticalEdge Electronic Noise Cancelling Headphones $29.99 FREE Shipping FREE Returns

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