Wind Tosses Student Like a Rag Doll and Video Goes Viral

There are bad days, and then there are days when the wind literally pummels you and someone posts a video of it on the internet—and then the video goes viral. Mother Nature was not playing nicely when this poor person, a student at a university, was trying to walk outdoors on campus and extreme wind tossed her completely off her feet.

First, we see an open doorway and some extreme weather happening beyond it. A student is filming the wind as it whips around outside the open door, when suddenly, a person flies into view from the right.

It appears the victim was attempting to walk into the wind when a particularly nasty gust tossed her backward in front of the building in which the cameraperson and another student were standing. She sails backward, backpack flailing, and lands on her backside. She braces for impact as she hits the ground and skids.

This was not a day to be outside, we’re afraid. We hope this student wasn’t harmed or scolded for being late to class.

Watch it here from the nypost’s Instagram page:

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