Wildlife Rescuers Witness a Heartbreaking Moment of a Grieving Koala

Wildlife rescuers in Australia captured a devastating scene of a grieving koala. An organization called Koala Rescue in Adelaide, South Australia, says they received a call about a koala on the ground. When they arrived, they found a heartbroken koala holding its deceased partner.

“It is always devastating to attend a rescue involving a deceased koala, but it was even more heartbreaking to witness the male koala actually holding and hugging the deceased koala,” the organization wrote on its social media. “This type of behavior is rarely witnessed by our rescuers but confirms the empathetic and caring nature of koalas.”

Koala Rescue shared the emotional video:

Rescuers were able to capture the male koala to ensure it was in good health. They released the animal a short time later.

The organization says they are always thankful for people who call in for help with animals.

Koala Rescue says the biggest challenge for koalas is human impact, including the destruction of habitats. Other issues include climate change and disease. In the early 1900s, hunting almost drove the animal to extinction. The country has since banned the practice.

Koalas are endangered in many places in Australia, but numbers in South Australia have rebounded with years of conservation work. Officials believe there were between 20,000 to 114,000 koalas in the state before 2019. Unfortunately, a devastating wildlife had a massive impact on the species. Wildlife officials do not know the current numbers at this time. 

Koala Rescue says to keep your distance if you find an injured koala. Despite being cute, the animal can be dangerous and has sharp claws. They can be aggressive if scared or protecting a joey in its pouch. When in doubt, you should reach out to wildlife professionals.

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