Video Roundup – 7 Battery-Powered Chainsaws to Buy in 2024

Are you looking for the best chainsaw in 2024? Seven highly rated models across a variety of categories set themselves apart, and we put them all into one video! Clint covers recommendations for a professional battery-powered chainsaw, a top handle, a pole saw, the compact class, a pruning chainsaw, and a couple of chainsaws that can make the most of your budget!

Key Insights from this Video

  • 🌳 Battery-powered chainsaws offer a combination of power and compactness, eliminating many of the headaches that comes with small gas engines.
  • 🔋 Once you try a cordless chainsaw, you’re going to wonder why you didn’t switch to battery sooner.
  • 💪 20-in battery chainsaws finally hit the Farm and Ranch class.
  • 💪 It’s almost unfair to call mini-chainsaws pruners now that their performance makes them useful for limbing duties on the ground or working at height.

Key Moments In This Video

  • 00:00 🌲 Clint DeBoer start with an overview of the chainsaw categories he’s going to cover.
  • 00:40 🌲 Learn why we love the Husqvarna t540 I XP as a leading top-handle chainsaw.
  • 01:27 🌳 Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel telescoping pole saw set itself apart from other professional models.
  • 02:27 🪚 Let’s talk lightweight, compact options with an 18V One+ chainsaw from Ryobi.
  • 02:57 🌲 Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel Hatchet proves that mini chainsaws are no longer just gardening tools.
  • 03:46 🌳 Want to make the most of your money? EGO has something special for you.
  • 04:30 🌲 On a budget? You can still get a quality brushless chainsaw thanks to Skil.
  • 04:54 💡 Check out some of the most popular sellers at Amazon, Acme Tools, Lowe’s, and Home Depot.
  • 06:38 💪 Clint reveals his #1 professional pick among all battery-powered chainsaws.

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