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We’re in  Dunstable, Massachusetts (Zone 5b) visiting Tingshu’s beautiful garden. We’ve visited her garden before and last week she shared with us some of the beautiful flowering trees in her front yard. Today we’re back to see the spring bloom in her back garden.

A ‘Louisa’ weeping crabapple (Malus ‘Louisa’, Zone 4-8), beside a grape pergola.

Our Havanese dog Luke running below the ‘Louisa’ weeping crabapple.

From between the branches of ‘Louisa’, a ‘Prairie fire’ crabapple (Malus ‘Prairie Fire’ Zone 4-8) can be seen in the center of the backyard.

The ‘Prairie fire’ crabapple at left, the ‘Jane’ magnolia (Magnolia ‘Jane’, Zone 4-8) at the center.

Looking from behind the ‘Prairie fire’ crabapple, the ‘Louisa’ weeping crabapple can be seen at the center. The right side is an apple tree with white flowers.

From another angle, the apple tree at the left side, the ‘Prairie fire’ crabapple at the right side.

Looking from behind two Rhododendron shrubs, the ‘Prairie fire’ crabapple and ‘Jane’ magnolia tree.

Looking at the center garden from behind the ‘Jane’ magnolia tree. The ‘Prairie fire’ crabapple can be see from between the flowers.

Tulips below the ‘Prairie fire’ crabapple.

A ‘Stellar pink’ hybrid dogwood (Cornus ‘Stellar Pink’, Zone 5-8) beside a fish pond. On the left are the leaves of the ‘Prairie fire’ crabapple.


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