Tranquilized Mountain Lion Falls From Tree in Idaho

It was raining mountain lions in Pocatello, Idaho last week. After concerned residents spotted a young male mountain lion in a neighborhood tree, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game stepped in to humanely remove the mountain lion from the area. Fish and Game tranquilized the mountain lion using a dart, and then they caught him as he fell from the tree.

Image courtesy of Idaho Fish and Game

In a Facebook Reel posted by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, you can see several first responders standing beneath the tree with a tarp. The mountain lion falls backward from the tree limb after the tranquilizer kicks in, but the first responders expertly catch it.

Fish and Game then ear tagged the animal for tracking purposes, transported it to a “remote southeast Idaho location,” and set the mountain lion free after it had recovered from sedation.

A mountain lion falling from a tree is definitely not something you see every day. Watch it here:

A young male mountain lion made its way into a Pocatello, ID, neighborhood on April 18, 2024. Idaho Fish and Game with…

Posted by Idaho Fish and Game Southeast Region on Friday, April 19, 2024

This is a happy ending. Sometimes, when nature and human society collide, it doesn’t work out so well for the humans or the wildlife.

For tips about living and recreating in mountain lion country, check out Idaho Fish and Game’s brochure Living with Mountain Lions.

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