The Punishment of Judge ‘Saint’ Benitez, Will Backfire On Anti-Gun Lobby

In a recent video Mark Smith of ‘The Four Boxes Diner’ explains the discussion about Judge Roger Benitez and his supposed misconduct has sparked quite a bit of controversy. Let’s dive into what’s really going on and why it might not be as straightforward as some might think.

First things first, let’s talk about who Judge Benitez is. He’s been referred to as “St. Benitez” by some folks in California, and he’s no stranger to the spotlight. He’s a proud American, a gun owner, a constitutional attorney, and even a member of the United States Supreme Court bar. So, when allegations of misconduct came knocking on his door, it caught many by surprise.

The incident in question revolves around a sentencing hearing where Judge Benitez took a unique approach. During the hearing, a criminal defendant expressed concern about his 13-year-old daughter getting involved in some shady stuff. He wanted to help steer her away from trouble, and that’s where Judge Benitez stepped in.

Instead of sticking to the usual courtroom script, Judge Benitez decided to try something different—a strategy known as “Scared Straight.”

He had the girl brought up to the front, handcuffed, and placed near the other defendants. It was meant to give her a taste of what could happen if she continued down the wrong path.

Now, some might argue that Judge Benitez overstepped his bounds, but let’s think about it for a moment. He was genuinely trying to help a young girl avoid a life of trouble. He didn’t do it out of malice or a desire to abuse his power—he did it because he cared. And isn’t that the kind of judge we want in our courts?

But here’s where things get really interesting. The judicial powers-that-be decided to punish Judge Benitez for his actions. They claimed he engaged in misconduct and slapped him with a ban on handling criminal cases for the next five years. Seems like a harsh punishment for trying to do some good, doesn’t it?

But here’s the silver lining. By taking away his criminal cases, they’ve inadvertently given Judge Benitez more time and freedom to focus on civil cases. And why is that important? Well, because civil cases often include Second Amendment challenges—something Judge Benitez is passionate about.

So, in the end, what might seem like a setback for Judge Benitez and the pro-gun movement could actually work in their favor.

Judge Benitez will have the opportunity to delve deeper into issues he’s passionate about, and that’s something we can all get behind.

In conclusion, Judge Benitez’s decision may have ruffled some feathers, but at its core, it was an attempt to help a troubled young girl find her way. And while the powers-that-be may have tried to put a damper on his efforts, they’ve only served to fuel his dedication to the causes he believes in. So, let’s not be too quick to judge—pun intended—because sometimes, the most unconventional methods lead to the greatest results.

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