The Deadly Hoax Of Campus Safety ~ Carpe Diem If You Want to Live


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iStock-Elisank79 1432356580

Deadly Campus:

American young adults going off to college are quickly submerged in modern higher-education leftist/woke political agenda.

Of course, with leftists, there is never any “debate.” You’re required to embrace their woke agenda or be shown the door unconditionally. They smugly promote “diversity” in everything but opinion!

Yet, buying into a naive, leftist agenda has proven fatal for many innocent college students on campus, and recently!

Summary of leftist dogma in which young college students are required to have unquestioning faith:

  1. “Nice people” don’t own guns. Guns are “ishey!” Having (or Heaven-forbid, carrying) any species of gun is unthinkable.
    • Freedom and liberty are outmoded concepts. We’ll make all your personal security decisions for you. Your input is neither solicited nor entertained.
  2. We have conveniently declared our campus “safe.” We say so. Reality is irrelevant! We have “campus police,” CCTV cameras, and “blue” phones. Murders/rapes of innocent, defenseless-by-policy students are “rare” (but not so “rare” for actual victims of murder, rape)
  3. Cell phones always work, so emergency help is ever “just a phone call away.”
  4. Nothing to worry about! We’re watching out for you, so you don’t even need to think about taking logical steps to protect yourself…, ad nauseam

So much self-serving BS!

In reality, the only thing woke college administrators are “watching out for” is their own cushy jobs! Students are expendable.

Doubt that at your peril!

“Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.” (Seize the day. Tomorrow may never arrive) ~ Horace


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