The Best Tents for Camping With Dogs

A great adventure in the outdoors is always enhanced by the presence of your best buddy. For many, this special friend is a loyal canine.

Dogs can make great travel companions. According to The Dyrt’s 2024 camping report, 53.7% of campers took their four-legged friends with them camping. Luckily, there are plenty of tents available that are well suited to accommodating every member of the family. 

For larger gatherings, the Eureka! Copper Canyon tent is an unbeatable option in terms of space, which comes in a four, six, and eight-person sizes. It’s great value and offers plenty of room for camping mattresses and dog beds for the whole crew. 

The Nemo Aurora 3 and the Marmot Limelight 3P are both excellent three-person backpacking tents that offer the durability required for camping with a dog without adding too much extra bulk.

In this guide, we look at tents of all shapes and sizes. We chose our selection based on space and durability, which are important features to look for when you’re searching for dog-friendly tents.

Read on to find out what other considerations to look for, and finally, we answer some frequently asked questions about camping with dogs. 

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6 Best Tents for Camping with Dogs 

Image by Eureka!


  • Number of people: 8 
  • Floor space: 130 square feet 

This tent is a great value option for a family or group gatherings with several dogs. It has steep walls and a ceiling height of seven feet, with two separate rooms inside. 

Whether you’re going tent camping with a German Shepherd or a Pomeranian, there will be space for them in this huge tent. The ample interior is the biggest selling point of this tent, with space for you, the family, and the dogs to stretch out and get a good night’s sleep. 

Although some reviewers complained of a complicated setup, once this tent is up, it’ll withstand bad weather and claws thanks to its durable materials. There are lots of windows to keep airflow circulating and for looking at the views outside. 

Image by Coleman


  • Number of people: 2 
  • Floor space: 35 square feet 

The Skydome tent by Coleman is a great option for dog-friendly camping. At $130 full price, it’s a great quality product from a well-respected brand in the outdoor community. 

It’s easy to set up thanks to pre-attached fiberglass poles. Coleman claims it takes just five minutes to put together. It is an ultralight tent that is easy to carry for backpacking or hiking with a trail weight of under eight pounds. The space is ideally suited to one human and one dog or to two humans. 

Its wide door makes it easy for you and the dog to maneuver in and out of the tent, and the almost-vertical walls provide 20% more headroom than other Coleman dome tents. It can withstand winds up to 35 miles per hour. 

Image by Big Agnes


  • Number of people: 4 
  • Floor space: 57 square feet 

Big Agnes’ Big House Tent is available in sizes that accommodate four or six people, so it can make a great option for the whole family and a dog. Big Agnes is known for creating quality car camping tents, and this one is a family favorite due to its spacious interior. 

It has a tall ceiling and large doors to allow for ease of movement inside the tent, and it is easy to put up and take down. Reviewers note that the tent has good quality construction with sturdy aluminum tent poles, which makes it reliable in wind and rain. 

You can purchase an optional Accessory Vestibule for some extra space, shade for your dog, or for bonus storage for hiking equipment, such as trekking poles. 

Image by REI Co-Op


  • Number of people: 6 
  • Floor space: 83 square feet 

A three-season tent with lots of room to move, the REI Co-Op Wonderland 6 is one of the most popular dog-friendly tents for sale at the moment.

Although it neatly folds into a backpack to carry around, it weighs around 20 pounds. Therefore, it is a better option for car camping than backpacking. 

The interior is huge, with a ceiling height tall enough for a 6-foot 3-inch person to stand up straight inside. The tent floor space is very generous, and it can be divided into two rooms, so you can have a designated doggie area. Or, you can stick together and enjoy one large social living space. 

Best Backpacking Tent for Camping With Dogs  – Nemo Aurora 3

Image by NEMO


  • Number of people: 3
  • Floor space: 44.6 square feet 

When traveling with a dog, you might be tempted to go for a four-person tent for added space. However, the Nemo Aurora 3 is an option that can work great for one or two humans and a medium-sized dog.

It has a snap-in floor blanket that will help to protect the tent floor from dog scratches. The Aurora 3 works well for backpacking, as it is fairly light and compact. You can split the weight between two with an additional stuff sack. 

It also comes in a two-person option, if you are concerned about the size and weight for backpacking, or if it’s just you and the pup. 

Image by Marmot


  • Number of people: 3 
  • Floor space: 45.2 square feet 

Campers with dogs will love the space this tent provides. It is large enough for a double mattress and a dog bed. The packed weight is just over seven pounds. 

The color-coded poles allow for an easy setup, and two extra-wide D-shape doors make it easy to get everything set up while kneeling inside the vestibule. 

This dog-friendly tent has taped seams and is made from durable materials. In the reviews, many campers reported that there was no damage to the tent’s materials after living in it with their dogs. 

How to Find the Best Tents for Camping With Dogs 

When choosing a tent for camping with dogs, it’s important to consider both your own needs and the comfort and safety of your doggies. Here are some of the key features to look for.

Size and Space

You will need to choose a tent that provides enough space for both you and your dogs to move around and sleep comfortably. Check the square footage in the manufacturer’s description and consider the number of people and dogs in your camping party before you buy a tent. 

It’s worth looking at tents with extra vestibules or storage spaces, as well as tents with separate rooms so you can spread out and store your gear. 


Look for a tent made from durable materials that can withstand the potential scratching or pawing from your dogs.

Reinforced floors and sturdy zippers can help prevent accidental tears or damage.


Ventilation is important for any tent purchase. It’s important to make sure there is adequate airflow and plenty of windows to prevent condensation and regulate the temperature.

Mesh panels can be useful additions, which are also effective at keeping bugs out.

Easy Entry and Exit

A tent with an easy entry, such as large doors, is a great feature for dog-friendly tents. This allows your dog to move in and out as they please. Some tents have multiple doors, providing separate entrances and exits.

Freestanding Design

A freestanding tent is easier to set up and can be moved around easily, making it a good style for campers with dogs. A quick setup is always a handy feature to have in a tent so that you can spend more time relaxing in your home away from home. 

Freestanding tents do not require stakes to stand. They can stand on their own, making them easy to assemble. Semi-free-standing tents require some of their parts to be staked to the ground.

Non-freestanding tents need to be secured in the ground, so their setup is not as quick and easy. These ultralight tents are not as suitable for camping with dogs, because they may have more limitations on placement and may not have the same level of stability.

Weather Resistance

The tent you choose should be designed to withstand all kinds of weather. Most tents are either three-season tents or four-season tents. Three-season tents are suitable for use in spring, summer, and fall, and four-season tents can survive winter and extreme weather conditions. 

Your tent should have a rainfly for added protection against rain and wind and a footprint to offer extra protection between you and the ground. 

Materials and Durability 

As with any tent purchase, it’s important to check the materials and construction of the product to make sure you are purchasing a tent that will last. 

The tent body, or the canopy or inner tent, is the main fabric structure of the tent. It provides protection against weather conditions, as well as giving shelter and comfort. 

It will usually be made from a lightweight, durable material such as nylon, polyester, or ripstop nylon. These materials are known for their strength and resistance to abrasion, and they also can provide water resistance and sun protection. 

Sturdy poles, strong stakes, and effective construction will contribute to a tent’s ability to withstand windy conditions. 

Easy to Clean

Choose a tent that is easy to clean in case your dogs bring in dirt or mud. Materials such as ripstop nylon and polyester are easy to wipe clean and they will dry quickly. 

Most tents are not machine washable, since the process can damage the fabric’s water-resistant properties.  

Weight and Portability

Check the tent’s trail weight and packable weight if you plan on carrying it with you on a backpacking trip. If you will be using the tent for a car camping trip or a longer stay at a campsite, the weight and packability factor will be less of a consideration. 

Tent Stake Design

It is always wise to choose tents with durable and reliable stakes to secure the tent properly into the ground. Consider bringing extra stakes and a mallet for added stability. Remember, no tent is completely dog-proof, but some extra stability is a good idea. 

Tent Shape

When camping with dogs, a dome-shaped tent is a good choice.

Dome tents are usually easy to set up and move around, which is handy for finding the ideal spot for your camping group. Dome-shaped tents are designed to maximize the interior layout, so this style offers the most floor space possible. 

User Reviews and Brand Reputation 

User reviews are great for gaining insight into how a tent performs in the real world. Search for feedback from campers with dogs to see if the tent is appropriate for your needs. 

Consider the reputation of the tent manufacturer. Established outdoor gear brands, such as Big Agnes, Coleman, or Marmot have a history of producing reliable products. 


The tents on this list are priced between $150 and $700. Your budget might change depending on several factors, including how often you intend to go camping.

If it is your first time camping with your dog, you might want to start with a budget-friendly option before you commit to an expensive tent. 

A camping adventure with your favorite furry friend is an experience that will bring you and the family lots of joy, but there are a few extra considerations.

Top Tips for Dog Camping  

  • Make sure you have easy access to a water supply.
  • Dogs can act unpredictably around wildlife, so keep an eye on them at all times. 
  • Keep dogs on a leash or harness. 
  • Don’t forget your dog’s collar and ID tag.
  • Bring a pet first aid kit and know the location of the nearest veterinary clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where do the dogs sleep when camping?

Many campers enjoy having their dog sleep inside the tent with them. Some tents come with divisions to create separate areas, or you can choose one with a spacious floor plan that will accommodate a dog bed. 

Always make sure the tent is large enough to accommodate you and your dog comfortably. You might need to go size up to a three or four-person tent for extra comfort, depending on your dog’s size. 

If you are worried about your dog wandering off at night, secure him or her to the tent with a leash. Place an additional ground tarp underneath for comfort and extra protection for the tent. 

Is my dog allowed at the campsite? 

Always check the campsite’s rules and regulations regarding pets, and make sure they allow dogs to stay inside tents. If it is a dog-friendly campsite, always bring supplies such as waste bags. Dispose of your dog’s waste responsibly in the designated areas. 

Remember to Leave No Trace on the environment. 

What should I pack for my dog? 

You will want to bring some of your dog’s favorite toys to play with and their dog bed for familiarity. Introduce them slowly to their new environment so they feel comfortable and at ease. 

Remember to bring dog food, a dog bowl, and any necessary medications. Your dog should always wear a collar with an ID tag. 

Final Thoughts 

Camping isn’t just an adventure for us humans; it’s a chance to create memories with your favorite four-legged companion, too. 

The type of tent you will require will depend on several factors. Consider the size of your dog, the number of people coming along on the trip, the length of time you will be camping, and whether you are staying in one spot or moving around.

Always check that dogs are allowed at the campsite or location you are heading to. Prioritize floor square footage, and opt for stable and durable tents that can withstand an energetic dog’s antics.

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