The 10 Best Glock 19 Holsters For Any Purpose (2024)

The 10 Best Glock 19 Holsters For Any Purpose (2024)

Looking to tote around your G19? Here are our picks for the 10 best Glock 19 holsters on the market.

What Are The Best Glock 19 Holsters?:

The best thing about having a Glock 19 is that everyone makes Glock 19 holsters. The worst thing about having a Glock 19 is everyone makes Glock 19 holsters. Figuring out which one is worth spending money on is the devil’s own job.  

What are the best Glock 19 holsters? We’re going to go over what you should look for, common features to be aware of, picking a holster for a specific use and the 10 best examples that are actually worth spending money on. 

What Any Glock 19 Holster Has To Do 

We all know what a holster has to do: hold the gun securely and cover/protect the trigger guard. These days, Kydex holsters are usually the way to go, but leather can be acceptable as well. More on that later.  

Material costs for modern polymer holsters are minimal; what you’re paying for is the molds and the detail work.  

Here’s what you look for:  

  • Minimal, if any, gap between the holster mouth and the back of the trigger guard. There should be no way anything can touch the trigger itself.  
  • The edges of the holster should be rounded or buffed so there are no sharp edges, and there should be no excess material. This is especially true for an IWB holster.  
  • As for leather, quality leather holsters are now and always will be viable, look for vegetable-tanned full-grain or top-grain leather. Cowhide or steerhide is fine, but bullhide or horsehide is better.  
  • Also, if considering a leather Glock 19 holster, look for a reinforced holster mouth. This prevents the holster from collapsing on the draw and prevents the leather at the mouth of the holster from curling in with wear. 
  • Finally, it’s best to look at established brands with a known reputation for quality products, not Facebook ads. Now, let’s talk about features and use cases.  

Matching Your Glock 19 Holster To Your Needs

Understand what you’re going to use a holster for, then choose accordingly.  

If you’re going to carry the gun concealed, an IWB holster is your best choice. OWB concealment, while feasible, is less optimal. If you carry strongside, get a holster optimized for it, or a holster designed for appendix carry if you carry that way.  

Plenty of quality holsters will do both.  

Look for a secure belt attachment. Standard FOMI clips kind of work but snap loops, RCS Overhooks, DCC Discrete Carry Clips or Monoblocks are far more durable.  

Appendix carriers should also look for a relatively flat profile, especially if they add foam, wedges or pillows to the holster. It’s also a good idea to make sure the holster is compatible with (or comes with) an appendix carry wing/claw.  

A carry wing/claw can be seen on the left side of this Henry Holsters Spark. Wings/claws help with concealment by forcing the grip of the pistol closer to one’s body.

As for OWB holsters, there are a lot of options, so keep in mind what you plan on using one for. A competition shooter has different needs than a police officer.  

For OWB concealment, look for a holster that has a high ride height and a minimalist profile. It has to ride close to the body so the cover garment can conceal it.   

For duty use or open carry, active retention is a must. For patrol officers, Level III is usually required; almost everyone else is most likely perfectly fine with Level II. Purchase a quality holster from a proven supplier to militaries and police departments.  

Do not open carry in public without active retention. Gun grabs happen and you don’t want to wind up on the news for it.  

Look for solid, sturdy belt loops; the thin wing-style loops on many holsters are known to be fragile. Paddles are best avoided as few are sturdy enough for more than occasional use.  

As to optics, only worry about a red dot sight hood with a duty holster, otherwise opt for an optic cutout.  

On the subject of weapon lights, make sure a light-bearing holster is compatible with your light before purchasing. The more popular your light, the easier it will be to find a holster for it; models from Steamlight and SureFire are the most common.  

So, start with a quality holster made from quality materials, then match the features to what you are going to use the holster for.  

Based on the above criteria, here are our picks for the 10 best Glock 19 holsters for different uses and carry methods.

10 Top Glock 19 Holsters:

Best Budget Concealed Carry Holster: Dark Star Gear Apollo IWB 

The 10 Best Glock 19 Holsters For Any Purpose (2024)The 10 Best Glock 19 Holsters For Any Purpose (2024)

The Dark Star Gear Apollo is a Kydex IWB with premium features at a working man’s price, suitable for strongside or appendix carry.  

The holster comes with two Raven Concealment Systems Overhook clips and an optic cut. Appendix carriers can add a Dark Wing or supply their own Mod Wing, making it compatible with the PHlster Enigma system. Ride height and cant are adjustable as well. 

The only downside is there are no light-bearing options. MSRP starts at $49.99 before options, but it’s frequently on sale for $39.99. Better holsters for less money don’t exist. //

Best Leather IWB Holster: Milt Sparks Summer Special 2 


A faithful recreation of the Bruce Nelson Summer Special IWB, just slimmer and with a lower profile than the original.  

It’s available in vegetable-tanned roughout cowhide or grain horsehide leather with a sweat shield for comfortable carry and a sight channel to ensure a reliable draw. The holster mouth is reinforced with a leather strap over a spring steel band.  

The belt attachment is dual leather snap loops at the FBI cant angle, though a straight drop (and optics cut) is available on request. Prices start at $165. //

Best Duty Holster: Safariland 6360 ALS/SLS Level III Duty Holster 


The Safariland 6360 is one of the most street-proven duty holsters in current use.  

The 6360 comes as a Level III mid-ride belt holster, but attachments (including their quick-release systems) are plentiful. Wraps can be added to change color and the holster can be ordered in light-bearing and optics-compatible configurations with the 6360RDSO series.  

Prices start as low as $85, but can get as high as $180 to $250 depending on options. //

Best Range And Competition Holster: Comp-Tac International 


A simple, slim Kydex OWB with a competition cut, so it’s already optics-ready. The base model comes with a belt loop attachment, but plenty of alternatives are available from Comp-Tac or the aftermarket. Retention and cant angle are adjustable to preference, and a light bearing option is available as well.  

The basic model starts at $74 in the popular color options, but you can get it for as little as $44 if you don’t mind it in purple or red. //

Best OWB For Compensated Glock 19: C&G OWB Covert 


A simple Kydex pancake OWB with an optic cut, straight walls and an open bottom, allowing most compensators to be holstered. If you have a comp on your 19 for competition or range use with no light, this gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t.  

Sturdy belt loops and adjustable ride position, with over 20 color/pattern choices, optional sight channel for suppressor height sights and more. MSRP starts at $69.99. //

Best Light-Bearing Concealed Carry Holster: JM Custom 2.5 Claw/3 IWB Holsters 


The 2.5 Claw and 3 IWB holsters from JM Custom are basically the same holster, just optimized for different things.  

Both are offered for a Glock 19/19X/45 and are compatible with most popular lights, including Streamlight TLR-1, -7 and -8 models, the SureFire XC1 and X300 and the Modlite PL350. You have your choice of belt attachment, including loops, DCC Monoblock clips and more. A red dot sight cut is an option as well. 

The 2.5, the AIWB model, includes a Modwing and can be upgraded to be compatible with the PHlster Light Bearing Enigma as well as DCC Discrete Carry Clips/RCS Overhooks.  

The 3 IWB starts at $70 and the 2.5 Claw at $85. //

Best OWB Concealed Carry Holster: Kramer Vertical Scabbard Holster 

(non-Glock holster model pictured)

This is Kramer Leather’s version of the Askins Avenger style, also designed by Bruce Nelson. A high ride height and trailing belt loop put the gun high on the belt and snug to the body, perfect for OWB concealment, which is why it was a favorite of competition shooters and detectives for decades.   

The holster throat is reinforced, unlike most pancake holsters. You have your choice of black or mahogany horsehide, or black vegetable-tanned cowhide and a forward rake/FBI cant or a straight drop angle. MSRP is $160 for cowhide and $171 for horsehide. //

Best Chest Holster: GunfightersINC Kenai Chest Holster 


The Kenai Chest Holster uses a Kydex pancake holster designed for use with a chest harness, with rivet attachment points to take the adjustable nylon web straps. It’s relatively simple, yet rugged.  

Multiple options are available, including colors, light-bearing capability and optic cuts. MSRP starts at $159. //

Best IWB For Roland Special Or Fauxland Special: Henry Holsters Spark AIWB/IWB 


The Henry Holster Spark has an open bottom and straight walls, allowing any Glock 19/17/34 with a TLR-7, TLR-1 or Surefire X300 light to be holstered, including those with a compensator. The comp will just stick out the bottom a little. An optic cut is standard. 

It can be ordered with dual snap loops or dual DCC clips and comes with a Modwing (removable if desired) and is compatible with the PHlster Light Bearing Enigma. MSRP starts at $95. //

Best Sidecar Holster: Tier 1 Concealed Axis Slim


For those who want a sidecar, the Tier1 Concealed Axis Slim solves the classic issues associated with them. The holster and mag carrier are joined by bungee cable, allowing the holster to flex for comfortable carry.  

Dual overhook clips (DCC and UtiliClips are available as add-ons) an optic cut, mid-length sweat guard and configurable concealment wing are standard features. Light-bearing and threaded muzzle compatibility can be added as well, and the holster is available in a host of colors. 

MSRP starts at $131.99. //

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