Terrorism is a Disease, Constitutional Carry is the Cure

The author’s EDC consists of a Staccato C2 with a Streamlight TRL-7A and a Holosun HE508T, a Benchmade Emerson CQC7, a Streamlight Wedge, spare mag, and a C&G holster. (Photo courtesy of the author.)

FBI Director Christopher Wray must be frustrated. He issued one of the strongest terrorism warnings earlier this week, but few seemed to notice, and even fewer seemed to care. Instead, the legacy media remained fixated on the testimony of former special counsel Robert K. Hur, who concluded that Joe Biden committed multiple federal crimes but was too incompetent to stand trial. While Hur’s findings were certainly newsworthy, they were not news. Most of the country already knew Old Yeller’s best days are behind him.

Wray’s warning, however, was dire. He told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that known or suspected terrorists were infiltrating the country across the wide-open southern border using counterfeit documents. One of the smuggling networks, he said, has ties to ISIS. Add to this the thousands of unknown border crossers from countries that hate us and the more than 80,000 military-age males from China, and you have a terrorist hellbroth just waiting to bubble over.

“The threats from homegrown violent extremists that is jihadist-inspired, extremists, domestic violent extremists, foreign terrorist organizations, and state-sponsored terrorist organizations all being elevated at one time since October 7, though, that threat has gone to a whole other level,” Wray said. “And so, this is a time I think for much greater vigilance.”

We should thank Director Wray for his timely information and for his candor. This is precisely why we have fought so long and so hard to restore our Second Amendment rights so that law-abiding Americans no longer have to bend a knee and beg the Crown to sell them back their constitutional rights in the form of a permit to carry defensive arms. Constitutional carry levels the playing field, making it easier for the good guys and gals to lawfully carry arms.

In the 29 states that now offer some form of constitutional carry, when a terrorist rears their ugly head – be they a card-carrying ISIS member or a lone-wolf jihadist – Americans can take immediate action without waiting for First Responders to arrive, assess the situation, plan and then respond.

Time and time again, we have seen how judicious marksmanship can end a madman’s murderous plans.

  • In 2015, an off-duty police officer shot two home-grown terrorists who were trying to gain entry to an exhibit at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas, which featured images of Muhammad. ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) took credit for the attack – their first upon American soil.
  • In 2019, 71-year-old Jack Wilson dropped a 43-year-old shotgun-wielding madman, who had fatally shot two parishioners at the West Freeway Church of Christ in a Fort Worth suburb, with a single round to the head.
  • In 2022, Elisha Dicken fired ten rounds from his Glock at a madman who was shooting people inside an Indiana shopping mall. Eight of Dicken’s rounds struck the bad guy, who was 40 yards away. Dicken was carrying his Glock lawfully because of Indiana’s recently enacted constitutional carry law.

Despite these and many lesser-known examples, the left and the legacy media they control still consider an armed response by a private citizen a fantasy. Instead, they continue to push the laughable Run, Hide, Fight response.

One of the most important lessons learned after last year’s Hamas attacks is that terrorists are capable of much better planning than most thought possible, especially when paired with a state sponsor such as Iran. There is no reason not to believe a terrorist group would be even more prepared for an attack on American soil. Their target analysis will likely include the possibility of armed opposition. In other words, the terrorists are more likely to focus on a target where concealed carry is heavily regulated if not impossible, and civilians have no option other than to run, hide or fight.

Despite our misgivings about the FBI and how it has been weaponized by the Biden-Harris administration, Wray’s warning should not go unheeded. However, now is not the time for paranoia. The main goal of terrorism is to terrorize. They want us to overreact, change our lifestyle, and curtail our own freedoms.

Instead, use the time Wray has given us to service or upgrade your EDC. Replace batteries. Re-confirm zero. Buy those extra mags you’ve wanted. Most importantly, go to the range and train. Shoot up your old defensive ammo and replace it with new.

There are 21 states that do not offer any form of constitutional carry, including several that make it nearly impossible for law-abiding Americans to defend themselves. This will prove to be a deadly mistake and it must change. Once your EDC is prepped, please help make that change.

Constitutional carry saves lives, and it should be the law of the land. Every American should enjoy their God-given right of self-defense, regardless of where they live.

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