Superfeet Work Cushion Insoles Review – Work Boot Relief

One of the most exciting launches in the work boot sector is Superfeet Work Cushion Insoles. I’ve been wearing other Superfeet insoles and always manage to find a good fit for the shoes I’m wearing. Now, there’s a model specifically to work with work boots, and I’ve been able to get my feet on a pair.

At 210 pounds, I’m not a lightweight, and my knees certainly feel the abuse that decades of soccer, running, and other sports have done to them. If Work Cushion insoles can give my legs and knees some relief, there’s a good chance they’ll work for you, too.


  • Good for all arch heights
  • Soft feel on your feet
  • Absorbs walking force wonderfully
  • Trim to fit design work in any work boot shape
  • Specifically designed for the demands of work boots and safety toe footwear


  • More expensive than off-the-shelf brands

Wearing Superfeet Work Cushion Insoles


Making an insole for work boots is a special challenge because of how much time we spend on our feet. Whether you’re working on hard surfaces or soft, we also need the durability to maintain insole cushioning and support as those hours add up over the months.

The Fit

The design of the Work Cushion insole is appropriate for all arch heights. In this case, it’s a one size fits all arches. The cushioning level is at the maximum level by Superfeet’s standards and the underfoot feel is soft. The combination of these two characteristics makes for the all-day comfort your feet, calves, and knees have been screaming for.

Notice the tapered forefoot—it improves the fit in slim footwear. No matter what size boot you have, including narrow and wide widths, plan on trimming the insole to fit. What I find easiest is to take the insole out that came with my boots and use a marker to trace the same shape onto the Superfeet insole. A standard pair of scissors is all you need to trim it.

Trimming the InsolesTrimming the Insoles

The Build

The blue top layer is a Moisturewick cover that helps reduce odors, something we’re all grateful for. Underneath, the premium dual-layer cushioning helps prevent stress and strain by softening your foot’s connection to the boot.

Superfeet Work Cushion InsolesSuperfeet Work Cushion Insoles

The final layer is Superfeet’s patented Adaptive Comfort Technology (ACT) that flexes with your foot to help it move the way it’s supposed to.

ACT LayerACT Layer

The hole cut in toward the back of that ACT section is key. It lines up with your heel and has the thickest section of cushioning right where you experience the greatest amount of force as you walk.

Superfeet Work Cushion InsolesSuperfeet Work Cushion Insoles

When you step, most people hit the ground with their heel while their leg is straight, transferring the force of the ground strike through the ankle, into the knee, and sometimes into your hips. The cushioning in that little cutout absorbs a tremendous amount that force and eliminates a lot of pain and fatigue.

Superfeet Work Cushion Insoles Price

You can get these insoles direct from Superfeet for $54.99 per pair. They’re also available at several retailers, including Amazon.

The Bottom Line

While Superfeet Work Cushion insoles aren’t as cheap as the ones you can buy off the rack at your local Walmart, they’re not as expensive as custom orthotics, either. At the same time, you get the benefit of a ton of science put into designing an insole specifically for work boots. At the end of the day, I can tell the difference in how much soreness and fatigue I feel in my knees and legs. It’s why I trust Superfeet in my dress shoes, and why Work Cushion insoles are now the standard in my work boots as well.

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