SK Standard Plus .22 LR Ammunition As Low As $7.47 a Box

Creedmoor Sports has a decent offer on SK Standard Plus .22 LR Ammunition, as low as $7.47, and shipping now. No purchase limits, buy more, save more per round. That is $0.149 each a round.

SK Standard Plus .22 LR Ammunition, Standard Plus

SK Standard Plus is SK’s standard training ammunition. For many years, the SK Standard Plus has been considered to be a reliable training cartridge by sports shooters across the world. Its versatility in use means it can be used in rifles and pistols. Continuous further development guarantees reliability, precision, and stability in this ammunition segment. Shooters across the world trust this entry-level cartridge for these very reasons.

SK Standard Plus .22 LR Ammunition As Low As $7.47 a Box

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