Shoplifting Is De Facto Legal, Help Yourself


Inflationary Economy:

In many states, certainly, blue states, shoplifting (along with most other forms of thievery) is de facto legal!

It is now common for brazen thieves to enter a store like any other shopper, openly pick up what they want, and exit without paying. They don’t even need to hide stolen merchandise. Store employees are prohibited from so much as unconvincing them in any way.

Thieves are free to steal whatever they want, as they arrogantly display absolute confidence that no one will interfere with them.

And, no one does!

Police will not make arrests nor even respond to thefts of merchandise less than a certain value. In most states, that figure is $1k, but it is ratcheting up as the problem grows worse. And, of course, woke prosecutors don’t prosecute thieves.

As a predictable result, retailers are experiencing staggering levels of shoplifting, which leads to hefty price increases for the rest of us, as those of us who still pay for merchandise are now required to finance all this wanton thievery
The problem with this successful “petty crime” is that it invariably emboldens bigger and more violent crimes, like purse-snatching, car-jackings, kidnapping, robbery, and murder.

One only has to go to NYC to personally witness this predictable evolution.

We have in this country an entire political party that caters to criminals and champions envy. The rest of us, and our hard-earned possessions, are completely expendable!

“‘Envy’ is irrational anger at the success of others” ~ Thomas Aquinas, 1270AD.


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