Save up to 40% on a Select Craftsman Tool Kit on Amazon!

If you’re looking to save some money while you expand your Craftsman collection, this deal is for you. Right now on Amazon, you can save up to 40% on a select Craftsman V20 tool kit!

Here are the kits that qualify for this deal:

  • V20 1/2-inch Impact Wrench kit CMCF921 – $149 (38% off)
  • V20 1/4-inch Impact Driver kit CMCF813 – $149 (30% off)
  • V20 Battery 2-Pack and Charger kit – $125 ($13% off)
  • V20 4 1/2-inch Angle Grinder kit CMCG451 – $149 (40% off)
  • V20 7 1/4-inch Circular Saw kit CMCS551 – $149 (38% off)
  • V20 Oscillating Multi-Tool kit CMCE565 – $149 (38% off)
  • V20 8-inch Reciprocating Saw kit CMCS351 – $149 (38% off)

Each of the above tools are listed with their sales price and the savings percentage. We’re not seeing a specific end date for this deal, so make sure you grab a kit while you can!

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