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The Ryobi LINK Modular Storage System melds several different aspects of tool storage into a highly versatile, portable solution. Sporting Ryobi’s green, gray, and black color scheme, the modular LINK system includes wall storage, rolling tool storage, organizers, and more. It encompasses both fixed and portable storage solutions. Clearly, this is Ryobi’s answer to Milwaukee Packout but with a decidedly more affordable price point for prosumers.

Ryobi sent me a bunch of their Link products and accessories for use in my garage. That gave me a chance to test out a large variety of products at one time. Read on to see what I thought of it overall as well as my comments on various components.

For those going to and from a jobsite, the Ryobi Link rolling toolbox blends aluminum, plastic, and steel to let you easily transport tools and accessories securely. It does so without adding a ton of weight—the bottom case alone supports up to 200 pounds of tools or materials. The Ryobi LINK Rolling Toolbox features 9-inch wheels, an internal double organizer, integrated bit storage, and an extending handle. You can stack two or three interlocking organizers or tool storage cases on top and roll them wherever you need to.

Ryobi LINK Wall Rack Tool Storage

Based on the flying “lego-like” components that snap together horizontally, Ryobi LINK also includes tool holders and wall-based storage solutions. Stacked horizontally, you can use it to hold or mount ladders, shovels, power tools, outdoor power equipment, and more. Combined vertically, you could either mount entire Ryobi LINK toolboxes to the wall or secure them to work van shelving.

The system is entirely modular—on a scale that exceeds most other solutions. The modules fit together and secure to a wall or surface using screws. They also support both 16- and 24-inch on-center stud mounting. It’s a very flexible system—and I always like having options.

LINK modular fitmentLINK modular fitment

Given the presence of metal hangers, tool hangers, metal shelves, toolboxes, and more—the individual modules also work together to let you scale vertically or horizontally as needed. This lets you extend your storage solution to whatever dimensions you need in your garage, shed, vehicle, or workshop.

tool holderstool holders

I created a LINK wall system measuring 6 units tall by 3 units wide (with a few units removed for mounting storage cabinets). That’s about as large as our original 9×9 shop Packout Wall which held a variety of our most commonly-used accessories and fasteners.

I also installed a Ryobi LINK wall system in my shed for hanging outdoor power equipment, extension cords, and accessories.

Ryobi LINK Tool Hangers and Shelves

Ryobi LINK offers an assortment of both metal and plastic tool holders and shelves. Some include doors, while others are open and feature side holders for hand tools or bottom holders for power tools. A couple models support hanging up to four tools upside down—with or without their batteries inserted.

The tops of the shelves easily hold tools (we store our Ryobi bug zapper on the solid shelf). The side holders on the organizer shelf look perfect for hanging screwdrivers and/or nut drivers.

reversible J hook solid shelfreversible J hook solid shelf

Other shelf units include the solid and wire shelf, which give you a nice flat surface for storing tools or accessories. The lockable and open tool organizer hangs drills and drivers while provided room for chargers, batteries, and other accessories.

You can mount singular trays to the wall system or grab the small parts organizer—perfect for holding screws and nails.

Ryobi LINK Small parts organizerRyobi LINK Small parts organizer

And, of course, the entire lineup mounts to those highly configurable Ryobi LINK wall-mounts.

The LINK Wall Mounted Cabinet gave me a place to store all manner of cleaning supplies for washing our cars. I loved the magnetic closures and the sturdy sheet metal design. ABout the only thing I wished they had done was make it so that the system would fit atop more than just a single wall rail. I actually had to remove two rails to allow the shelf to properly mount to the system. A few additional diamond cutouts in the back would solve this problem and give the system additional configuration flexibility.

wall mounted cabinetwall mounted cabinet

You can mount the heavy-duty steel tool holders anywhere on the system. These look perfect for hanging blowers, hedge trimmers—anything you can affix on one or both hooks. Most of the metal hooks support up to 50 pounds. The smaller reversible J hooks hold up to 15 pounds.

Packout WallPackout Wall

Ryobi LINK Modular Tool Storage Boxes

The Ryobi LINK Modular Tool Storage system wouldn’t be complete without ample options in tool storage boxes. I’ve used the large, medium, and small boxes as well as several of the organizers. Ryobi even makes drawer systems, various tool bags, and soft-sided cooler.

Ryobi LINK stacked tool boxesRyobi LINK stacked tool boxes

The boxes use the latest heavy-duty clasps that I prefer. These improve upon some of the first-gen steel clasps I saw with products like the DeWalt TStak system. The boxes truly are durable, and the design lets you easilycustomize the internal space with various organizers and separators.

LINK tool box storageLINK tool box storage

You also can’t beat the cool color scheme. I’ve always been a fan of black tools and toolboxes—they just look cool. Add to that the ability these boxes have to mount direct to the Ryobi LINK wall mounts, and you have an extendable system that really works well for garages, workshops—perhaps even your work van.


The Ryobi LINK system falls well under what you can expect to pay for similar products from either Milwaukee or DeWalt. As such, you stand to save a lot should you want to create a robust system for your garage. Ryobi also has a couple of excellent starter kits for $129 and $169 that give you options for a 15-piece and 20-piece kit (respectively). They also have additional kits with even more pieces and rails.

Module RYOBI LINK Milwaukee Packout DeWalt TS 2.0
Wall Rail/Plate/Rack $24.98 (2) $39.98 $119.99 (system)
Rolling Tool Box $89.98 $139 $109
Small Tool Box $39.98 $79.97 $55
Small Organizer $44.97 $49.97 $49
2-Drawer Unit $119 $156 $129
Radio NA $299 $266.74
Dolly Base $69.97 $99 NA
Cooler $59.97 (17qt) $109 (16qt) NA

Final Thoughts

The tagline for the Ryobi LINK modular storage system is “Own Your Space.” With how wide and deep this system is and how much it’s grown since launch—I’d say they have a solid chance of owning the garage and workshop space.

The system can handle just about any application you throw at it and Ryobi keeps expanding LINK with more and more accessories. Hopefully, the system continues to expand and grow with even more flexible solutions.

I’d like to see additional flexibility for their cabinets so you can hang them atop an existing LINK wall. I’d also love to see the LINK panels actually interconnect for even better reinforcement and strength when mounting them to studs or a block wall. Aside from that, it’s really difficult to find anything to complain about. I can highly recommend this system to anyone who wants to up their storage and organization game.

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