Review: Metabo HPT NT1850DF Compact Cordless Brad Nailer

Metabo HPT NT1850DF Compact Cordless Brad Nailer $250, with battery and charger

I use brad nailers quite often to trim out my built-in cabinetry projects. Hoping to leave behind the awkward compressor and tedious hose, I’ve tried three cordless nailers in the past, none of which performed very well or lasted very long. I’m happy to say that this new 18-volt model from Metabo delivers pro-level performance.

While I usually only have to install 10 or 20 ft. of trim on a single charge, I used the Metabo to fire 100 full-length (2-in.) brad nails into solid maple. When I was done, the battery indicator still showed a full charge. The depth adjustment worked well, and the nails shot perfectly and continuously. I also tried the nailer on pre-finished wood, where it produced small, clean holes, without the indentations that some of my other nailers leave.

If you don’t already own a compressor and brad nailer, the Metabo might be the only power nailer you need for fine woodworking. But even if you have a compressor already, you’ll enjoy the freedom of a hose-free brad nailer, whether you are building jigs in the shop or installing cabinets away from it.

—Tony O’Malley is a cabinetmaker in Emmaus, Pa.

Photos: Asa Christiana

From Fine Woodworking #308

Metabo HPT NT1850DF Compact Cordless Brad Nailer

• 1,650 Nails per charge using the included compact 3.0Ah Battery
• Up to 3 nails per second with no ramp-up time
• 31% lighter than the previous model

Price: $236 at the time of writing

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