Resident Accused of Freezing Puppies to Feed to Pet Snakes

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office investigated an Oregon homeowner on Friday after receiving a tip about potential animal abuse. According to a brief news release posted on the Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page, there was concern that the resident was “freezing litters of puppies to feed their pet snakes.”

Though the investigation is still ongoing, it appears that was, in fact, happening.

In executing the search warrant, the Sheriff’s Office reports that it “recovered and seized 18 deceased frozen puppies.” The authorities brought the animals to the Oregon Humane Society to attempt to determine the puppies’ cause of death.

There were multiple pet snakes in the home, and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife seized one as part of the investigation, according to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

In the wild, snakes are carnivores. They hunt and eat other animals, including birds, insects, and small mammals. They also eat other animals’ eggs.

However, killing and freezing puppies or any other animal is not the best way to go about feeding your snakes. Pet stores supply frozen rodents that’ll keep snakes perfectly happy and healthy in human care.

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