Rescuers Use a Helicopter to Save Six Hikers from Mount Baldy

Mount Baldy is one of the most iconic mountains in Southern California. The more than 10,000-foot-tall mountain is part of the Los Angeles skyline and is a challenging but popular hike for locals. However, six hikers recently attempted to summit Mount Baldy in the winter, and rescuers needed to use a helicopter to save them.

According to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office, the hikers were stranded around 9,000 feet on Wednesday, February 14. After several hours, they were able to text 911 for help. 

The Special Enforcement Bureau Emergency Service Detail and San Dimas Station Search and Rescue began searching for the hikers. Once located, they needed a helicopter to hoist the hikers to safety. 

“Saving lives is the top priority,” wrote the LA Sheriff’s Office. “(We) would like to remind everyone to wait out their hiking journey when there’s an upcoming storm. Inclement weather can result in unknown conditions and the potential for snow bridges, which can be dangerous for even the most experienced hikers.”

Mount Baldy’s History of Rescues

Mount Baldy is actually a nickname for Mount San Antonio. With millions of people living in the LA area, Mount Baldy is a popular destination. However, like any other mountain, it can be deadly. 

Local media reports show that just days before this helicopter rescue, a rescue team removed the body of a missing hiker.

Lifei “Ada” Huang went hiking solo on February 4. Heavy snow delayed the search for her. Days later, someone flying a drone spotted her body, and search and rescue were able to finally make their way up the mountain on Sunday, February 11. 

Dozens of rescuers are needed on the mountain every year. While having access to a beautiful mountain is nice, emergency officials and those who specialize in the outdoors want to remind everyone to be careful when traveling into the mountains.

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