PSA From Hiker Who Plunged 1000 Feet Is a Powerful Read

After surviving a 1,000-foot fall, one man has sent out a PSA all hikers need to take note of. After Ian Snyder took the fall at one of Oahu’s most dangerous hiking trails, he’s spreading awareness to keep others from ending up in the same predicament. 

The 35-year-old made headlines last December after tumbling off a dangerous trail on Oahu’s Koolau Mountains. After three long days at the base of a waterfall, first responders finally were able to rescue him. 

Now, he’s sending a word of caution to others to keep them from making the same mistake that nearly cost him his life. 

As he describes in an interview, hikers shouldn’t overlook the importance of proper planning. In addition, he says that although he usually tells friends and family about where he plans to hike, Snyder failed to do so on the day of his accident. Thankfully, first responders could find him by tracking the location of his cell phone. 

In January, Snyder worked with the DLNR to create the PSA that will be broadcast on radio and TV. Below are the main takeaways from his PSA. 

  • If you plan on hiking solo, make sure you do so on well-managed trails
  • Tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to be back
  • Remember that you’re putting first responders in harm’s way if you decide to go off-trail 

Snyder says he’s here today because of the EMS team and other first responders. He’s also urging hikers to think of them when they go out to the trails. 

“I’m alive because of them. Don’t make the mistakes I did. You may not live to share your lessons,” Snyder warned.

Snyder also says it’s better to find official maps of your trail from certified sources to keep it safe as well. 

 “We are grateful to have Ian, a survivor of social media misdirection, spread this message. Reducing the danger of misinformation on social media will keep our hikers and our first responders safer,” said DSP Administrator Curt Cottrell. 

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