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Spapure hot tub & spa Chemicals kit Includes Total Alkalinity Increaser, Ph up, Ph Down & Calcium Hardness Increaser kit for Inflatable & Hard hot tub

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Introducing the Complete Hot Tub Chemical Balancing Kit – Maintaining the perfect chemical balance in your hot tub has never been easier with our comprehensive Hot Tub Chemical Balancing Kit. Designed to address the essential elements of water chemistry, this all-in-one kit provides you with everything you need to achieve optimal water quality and create a luxurious and enjoyable spa experience. Our kit includes four essential chemicals to ensure your hot tub water is perfectly balanced: Alkalinity Up: Achieving the right alkalinity level is crucial for stabilizing your hot tub’s pH. Our Alkalinity Up powder effectively raises the total alkalinity, providing a solid foundation for maintaining pH levels within the desired range. pH Decreaser: Unbalanced pH can lead to skin and eye irritations and can affect the efficiency of your sanitizers. Our pH Decreaser allows you to easily lower the pH level to the ideal range, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for you and your guests. pH Increaser: When pH levels dip too low, it can cause corrosion of your hot tub equipment and lead to cloudy water. Our pH Increaser powder works quickly and efficiently to raise pH levels, providing a balanced and inviting hot tub experience. Calcium Hardness Increaser: Calcium hardness plays a vital role in preventing water from becoming too corrosive or scaling. Our Calcium Hardness Increaser formula allows you to increase the calcium hardness levels and safeguard your hot tub’s components, resulting in longer-lasting equipment and pristine water quality. With our easy-to-follow instructions, even novice hot tub owners can become proficient in water chemistry management. Achieve crystal clear water, prevent equipment damage, and enjoy a revitalizing soak in your hot tub without any worries.
ACHIEVE BALANCEDACHIEVE BALANCED & CLEAR WATER – with essential spa chemicals for hot tub chemicals – Keep your spa’s pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, in check
IDEAL HOT TUB STARTER KIT– Get everything you need to start up or maintain your hot tub with a convenient hot tub starter kit that includes all the necessary chemical components for regular maintenance.
NEW USER-FRIENDLY – new & old time spa/ hot tub owners can use this kit to balance their water start by testing, then adjust your alkalinity, PH, & then calcium hardness in that order
HOT TUB OR SMALL POOL START UP KIT CHEMICALS – This kit is perfect for hot tubs or pools that are just starting up since it includes all the necessary chemicals needed to get them running smoothly
PREVENT SCALING AND CORROSION – unbalanced pools or hot tubs cause erosion to the equipment shortening the lifespan & clarity of the water
Includes ph down 1.5 lb , Ph up 1 lb, hardness increaser 1 lb , alkalinity increaser 1 lb oil absorbing hot tub sponge these are the main chemicals you need to balance and keep your water clear before you sanitize

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