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Organic Perlite Bliss – Horticultural Soil Amendment for Healthy Plants and Garden Soil! All Natural Perlite Improves Nutrient Absorption, Root Growth, and Water Drainage! (8 Quarts)

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Plantonix, amendments, kelp, Myco, humid, worm castings, coco coirPlantonix, amendments, kelp, Myco, humid, worm castings, coco coir


Plantonix is a family-owned company dedicated to empowering passionate gardeners with horticulture-grade products. Our premium soil amendments, natural fertilizers, and top-notch gardening tools are the keys to unlocking your garden’s full potential. All products are organic and promote safe gardening practices, so you can create vibrant landscapes that flourish with life. Unleash your green thumb with us today!

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What is Coco Coir Pith?

Coco coir is a natural and renewable byproduct of the coconut industry. Rather than going to waste, coconut husks are recycled as a growing medium for plants and gardens!

What Makes Us Unique?

In addition to maintaining strict quality standards, Plantonix products are organic and essential for healthy plant and root growth, with no chemicals or fillers.

How Are We Helping the Environment?

Coco coir contributes to the preservation of peat bogs, vital ecosystems that act as carbon sinks. By using our soil amendments, you’re growing a brighter, more sustainable future!

🌹【Organic Perlite for Soil Health】- Perlite is a lightweight and non-toxic volcanic glass material that is naturally sterile with a neutral pH level. Perlite Bliss from Plantonix provides excellent aeration and drainage for soil, allowing water and oxygen to reach the roots of your plants, crops, herbs, flowers, seedlings, garden soil, and potting mixes more efficiently!
🌱【Enhanced Seed Germination】- Plantonix Perlite Bliss helps anchor the roots of young plants, so they can become stronger and healthier as they grow. Perlite is a hydroponic medium that encourages stronger roots by increasing soil structure, so your roots won’t decompose or deplete nitrogen levels over time!
🌸【Greater Nutrient Intake】- Perlite Bliss retains moisture which helps to prevent waterlogging and nutrient runoff in gardening soil and potting soil. As a soil amendment, this will help prevent root rot from soil not draining properly. It also helps your plants absorb vitamins and nutrients more efficiently, so they can stay healthy and increase crop yield!
🌿【Promotes Root Development】- Horticultural perlite grains are so lightweight, they can reduce soil compaction, so your plants have more room to grow freely and spread their roots. Plantonix Perlite Bliss makes an excellent addition to any home or garden, providing plants with essential nutrients, while also increasing oxygen uptake and enhanced water drainage!
🌻【Safe & Easy to Use!】- Granular perlite is a sterile growing medium that’s odorless, non-flammable, and does not shrink or decay! Every bag comes with 100% natural white perlite ranging between coarse and chunky. Plantonix Perlite Bliss is highly recommended for indoor and outdoor soil, potting mixes, seedlings, cuttings, soil conditioning, hydroponics, seed germination, and more!

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