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ingarden Microgreens Growing Kit – Organic Superfood Sprouting Seed Pads (3) | Auto 4-Stage LED Grow Lights & Hydroponic Watering System | Chic Steel Frame & Ceramic Bowl, Plastic-Free [Mint]

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Product Description

HeaderHeader superfood growing kit growing for a better you

how does it work? just 3 easy steps s1s1

1. place three pads


2. pour water


3. hold timer button for 3 seconds


enjoy in 7 days

hassle-free gardening from home

ingarden’s fully-automated, hydroponic technology grows microgreens 25-50% faster and uses less water, consumes less energy and results in less food waste than traditional farming. all you need to do is add water, watch your microgreens grow, and then harvest.

why microgreenswhy microgreens grow our superfoods and reap the health benefits

add vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to your dishes. ingarden microgreens are more nutrient-dense than their full-grown counterparts. verified nutritional quality and lab-tested. no GMOs, herbicides or pesticides. no plastic waste. no sunlight, no green thumb – just harvesting without the hassle.

awardsawards awards and recognition

ingardens’ design is a minimal, clean approach that combines functionality with beauty. we are proud to have won prestigious awards such as the Red Dot and the iF Design Award for our product design, as well as the Computer Bild Award for best value for money in the smart garden industry.

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4.1 out of 5 stars

4.1 out of 5 stars






included seeds

red cabbage, radish, mustard

superfood + energy + beauty

Red cabbage, radish, mustard



included pads







non-GMO & vegan

beginner & kid friendly

hassle-free growth

Are ingarden seeds organic?

All of our seeds are certified organic, vegan and non-GMO!

Where can I get new seeds?

Our eco pack portfolio is constantly expanding and can be purchased on Amazon and our website.

Do I need any experience with growing microgreens?

No, our ingarden is designed for anyone to use. You simply need to set it up, put in your seed pads, water them and turn on the automated growing light and within 7 days your microgreens will be ready to eat!

🌱Boost Your Health: Improve your well-being with our Hydroponic Growing System. Packed with high-impact nutrition, our superfood microgreens are 40X more nutrient-rich than mature vegetables. It’s like growing your own USDA-certified organic supplements packed with essential vitamins, antioxidants, & minerals to fill nutritional gaps!
🌱Hassle Free Growing: The ingarden microgreens growing kit includes 3 pre-seeded 2-ounce microgreen pads of nutritious superfood, nutrient-rich greens. Simply place three pads in the designated area, pour water, and press the button to start the growing process. No soil or sunlight required with our self-watering hydroponic system. 7-day germination guarantee! (Starter seed pad flavors flavors may vary.)
🌱Cutting-Edge Technology and Design: Achieve optimal plant growth with our patent-pending hydroponic watering system. The 15-watt, energy-efficient LED light emits wavelengths that activate phytochemical and phytonutrients development within the microgreens for optimal growth 4X faster than in soil. The chic ceramic base comes in beige, black, rose, or mint, complemented by a durable stainless steel frame for a plastic-free, high-quality gardening solution!
🌱Promote Sustainability and Give Back: Our automated growing system consumes 90% less water than conventional supermarket vegetables while minimizing food waste. All materials are biodegradable, and we are carbon-neutral certified. For every ingarden kit sold, we share a nutritious meal with a child through our partnership with ShareTheMeal, part of the United Nations World Food Programme.
🌱Try all 3 Microgreen Seed Pads: KALE MICROGREENS: mild-sweet flavor which boasts a touch of earthiness and a hint of pepperiness. ARUGULA MICROGREENS: distinctively peppery and slightly nutty flavor. BROCCOLI MICROGREENS: robust & slightly bitter flavor.

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