Grower’s Choice 600W 10K Metal Halide Grow Light Lamp for Indoor Grow/for Commercial Grower

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(as of Feb 21, 2024 11:50:56 UTC – Details)

Grower’s Choice has been proud to represent the Horticultural Lighting Industry by consistently producing laboratory proven test results while continuing to maintain quality assurance in the accuracy of their proprietary spectrum for use with all specialty flowering plants. The horticulturally engineered unique combination of gaseous materials produces consistency in the spectral output, while still surpassing the competition by leading the industry with the highest levels of PAR output without sacrificing any lamp life expectancy or degradation of the proprietary spectrum. With the use of the Grower’s Choice lamps in an existing commercial application, growers can expect immediate results by seeing stronger, healthier, and more vigorous plants. It is only with a horticultural engineered spectrum that you can reach the full potential of your specialty flowering plants. Make the switch today and never look back at the extremely inefficient sodium lamps of the past ever again.
Outputs UV spectra for enhanced resin production
5% degradation rate at 10,000 hours,high quality quartz glass for consistent spectral output and PAR production
Increases resin production by weight during late flowering
1 year warranty with the manufacturer, Grower’s Choice.

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