Founder’s Fish Fertilizer by Heirloom Roses – (2-Pack)

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Product Description


Founders Fish Fertilizer: Your Plant’s Best Friend

How Do I Know Which Fertilizer To Use For My Plants?

Organic fertilizers include manures, compost, or other plant and animal products. Since the nutrient content is usually low, organic fertilizer needs to be used on a continual basis, but they are better for the environment and enhance the health of your soil.

Inorganic fertilizers are synthetic fertilizers. that are more concentrated and less expensive than their organic counterparts, however, inorganic fertilizers do not help the condition of your soil.

Why You Should Be Using Our Fish Fertilizer

This bottle of fertilizer contains a variety of species of fish for greater mineralization and feeds your roses and plants with mycorrhizae and other dense nutrients.

For roses and other plants, if they don’t receive the proper nutrients, they might struggle dependent on whether your soil is mineral-rich or not. Founder’s Fish Fertilizer puts your roses and plants in a great position to succeed.

Three Reasons Founders Fish Fertilizer is Essential Enables Plants and Roses To Receive Key Nutrients Improves Ability To Absorb Water From the Soil and Receive Nutrients Enhances the Root Strength of Your Plants, Reinforcing Healthy Growth From the Ground Up

Fish Fertilizer in GardenFish Fertilizer in Garden

Why Mycorrhizae Is Important

Mycorrhiza is important for plant development because it enhances nutrient and water uptake, improves root structure, increases resistance to diseases and environmental stresses, and contributes to the overall health and diversity of ecosystems. It’s a fascinating example of the intricate relationships that exist within the natural world and the ways in which organisms collaborate for mutual benefit.

Because our Fish Fertilizer is dense with mycorrhizae, it builds healthy bacteria throughout the soil to promote robust plant growth with no phytotoxic effects or root burn.

Total Gallons of Solution Each Bottle Can Create Per The Serving Size:
8 Gallons 16 Gallons 24 Gallons 32 Gallons

fish fertilizer in dirtfish fertilizer in dirt

When to Fertilize Roses

In spring and summer, begin fertilizing when you have 4 to 6 inches of new growth and can see the first real leaflet with 5 to 7 leaves. When your rose is hungry, it is hungry.

During the first growing season with your rose, feed with a liquid-only fertilizer. Do not use any granular fertilizer as they are too hot and will burn the fine, baby roots, and can potentially kill your rose. We recommend using our Founder’s Fish Fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the blooming season. Always water in your fertilizer before and after application.

During the following growing seasons, continue to use a liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks or granular fertilizer every 4 weeks throughout the growing season.

Stop fertilizing 6-8 weeks before your first typical frost date.

If you planted your rose in the fall, do not fertilize until next spring when the plant comes out of dormancy.

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ August 14, 2019
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Heirloom Roses

Great For All Plant Types
Easy Application
Won’t Burn Plants
Long Lasting

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