CANNA Coco Part A 5L Liters Hydroponic Plant Nutrient for Optimal Growing and Flowering

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For Cultivation on pre-buffered CANNA COCO in pots or growing bags High yield Very user-friendly Complete solution for the entire growth process Directly absorbable No residues Environmentally friendly COCO fertilizers Canna provides a complete selection of high quality products to ensure that fast growing plants achieve explosive growth and profuse blooming without any problems. Since their introduction in 1997, Canna Coco A and B plus the Coco medium/substrate have become the most popular combination for professional cultivators and hobbyists using coco coir fibre mediums. Canna Coco guarantees high yields, a high level of user friendliness and a top quality end product free from toxic residues. Canna fertilizers have a biotropic effect. They are naturally absorbed by the plants biological systems and ensure optimum balance and increased resistance in the plants cells. Unlike other specialized fertilizers, Canna Coco fertilizers work quickly and are immediately available to the plants, thus saving energy and enabling the plant to be completely tuned-in to growing and blooming. In order to meet the plants needs as efficiently as possible, as well as making life easier for the grower, CANNA has developed Canna Coco to fulfill both the vegetative and flowering stages of the plants life; there is no Vega and Flores formula as there are with other CANNA products, you simply increase the amount of Canna Coco during the bloom stage and add PK 13/14 at the onset of flowering. Its as simple as it is effective. And remember, always use A and B parts in equal amounts. COCO Grow TIPS: The undisputed ease of growing with natural CANNA COCO fertilizers together with the COCO medium can be further enhanced with the following tips and products: -From the first day onwards, give RHIZOTONIC for an even better root development and a stronger vigorous plant; also spray RHIZOTONIC so

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