400Pcs 1inch Rockwool Cubes for Hydroponic, Rockwool Grow Cubes Starter Plugs for Seed Starter Soilless Cultivation Hydroponics, Soilless Culture Plant Propagation,Cuttings

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Why choose rock wool blocks?

  • Great Water Retention
  • Good Air Permeability
  • High Germination Rate


  • Seedling block has good characteristics of air permeability, water permeability and root penetration.
  • Once the seedlings are in the soil, the callus in contact with the soil will immediately absorb water and grow a lot of new roots.
  • Widely used for planting and seedling raising, group breeding, cutting seedling raising of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other crops.
  • The bred seedlings have no rolling roots, no slow seedling period, high survival rate, good quality, and strong stress resistance, which greatly improves work efficiency.
  • Size: 25*25*40mm

Package List:
8 Sheets seedling rockwool cubes(400pieces mini rockwool blocks in total)
How to Use

  • 1. Please cut the rock wool into cubes according to your own needs with a knife before soaking.
  • 2. Then adjust the water temperature to 30-35 ℃, the EC of the nutrient solution to 1.5-2.0ms, the PH to 5.0-5.5, and thoroughly soak the rockwool cube with the nutrient solution. Use pH paper to make sure that its pH is in the desired range for your seeds. The optimum pH for most plant seeds is around 5.5.. Don’t squeeze it!
  • 3. Control the suitable moisture, illumination and temperature to improve the germination rate of seeds.
  • 4. When the robust roots penetrate through the rock wool about 0.5-1 inches, transplant it into a suitable container.

【Quantity & Size】You will get 8 slate stonewool, each slate of 50 pieces, a total of 400 pieces, the quantity is enough to support growing a large number of plants, you will experience the joy of planting. each cube measure ca.25*25*40mm.
【High-quality Materials】Our rock wool block is made of rock inorganic fiber, without glass fiber, which is very safe, has good air permeability and water retention, and lightweight and is easy to handle, which is the best substrate material for soilless cultivation. It not only can greatly reduce the loss and volatilization of water and fertilizer in traditional soil cultivation but also can be cultivated on the roof, balcony, corridor, and wall without being limited by the site.
【Easy to Transplant】This 1″ square rock wool block is the ideal size for seed germination and seedling cultivation, and can hold its shape well without falling apart, making it easy to transplant. There are planting holes in the middle of the rockwool block, so it is easy to use immediately after getting it.you can cut it into different sizes, cubes will not sepreate after immersion, easily transplant to net pots, soil, planting machine after rootted.
【Widely Application】These rockwool starter plugs have good moisturizing effect and handy planting hole, widely used in hydroponic, seed starting, rooting, plant propagation, cloning systems and so on. Much convenient than starting in the soil, these are great for planting enthusiasts and commercial growers.
【100% Satisfaction Guaranteed】 If you’re dissatisfied with purchasing our product with any reason, let us know for a replacement or refund.

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