“Unveiling Nicki’s Ultimate Foliage Secrets: Explore FineGardening’s Top Picks for Stunning Plants!”

Today’s photos are from Nicki Snoblin in Lake Bluff, Illinois. We’ve visited their garden before (Nicki’s New Garden Project and Fall in Nicki’s Garden ) and today Nicki is sharing some foliage plants that they love.

These stunning leaves are from the tricolor beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘Tricolor’, Zone 4 – 8). This is a unusual variety of the European beach. The normal species just has green leaves, then there is the copper beech which has dark purple-brown foliage, and this plant is a variegated version of that. When the leaves come out in the spring they are dramatic dark centers with glowing pink edges. As the leaves mature, especially those in more shade, the peak shades into cream, giving a tricolored effect. These are leaves that will outshine most flowers.

red Japanese maple growing next to green hosta

A cut-leaf Japanese maple (Acer palmatum, Zone 5 – 9) juxtaposed with Hosta (Zone 4 – 9). Everything about these two leaves contrast with each other – the maple dark, and delicate while the hosta is light green and bold. Putting the two together makes each of them shine.

long garden bed full of foliage plants along a wooden fence

There are almost no flowers in this bed, but there is no need. Starting with the tricolor beach leaves on the right, there is so much color and texture and contrast from foliage that this planting stays beautiful and exciting.

close up of yellow flower next to flowering hosta

Ligularia (Ligularia dentata, Zone 3 – 8). The yellow daisy flowers look a little tousled and messy, but it is hard to beat that lush foliage. The dark color of the leaves helps the variegated hosta next to them look even brighter.

close up of Tiger Eye sumac in fall

Tiger Eye sumac (Rhus typhina ‘Balitiger’, Zone 4 – 8) in the fall giving brilliant orange color.

close up of sedum with dark foliage

Dark moody succulent foliage from Sedum ‘Dazzleberry’ (Zone 4 – 9)


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