New Evidence Allegedly Proves Hunter Biden Lied on a Form 4473

NICS Background Check Marijuana Exclusion ATF Form 4473 Firearms Transaction Record Question. iStock-919659526
NICS Background Check Marijuana Exclusion ATF Form 4473 Firearms Transaction Record Question. iStock-919659526

New evidence presented by the Department of Justice (DOJ) against Hunter Biden allegedly proves that the President’s son lied on a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive (ATF) Form 4473.

Hunter Biden has been charged with lying on a federal form while buying a gun. Lying on an ATF Form 4473 is a felony and, in the past, has landed people in prison. He marked that he was not a user of illegal drugs. According to the government, the younger Biden was abusing crack cocaine and powder cocaine.

According to the government’s case, “on or about October 12, 2018, in the District of Delaware, the defendant, Robert Hunter Biden, in connection with the acquisition of a firearm, that is, a Colt Cobra 38SPL Revolver with serial number RA 551363… knowingly made a false and fictitious written statement, intended and likely to deceive that dealer with respect to a fact material to the lawfulness of the sale of the firearm… in that the defendant, Robert Hunter Biden, provided a written statement on Form 4473 certifying he was not an unlawful user of, and addicted to, any stimulant, narcotic drug, and any other controlled substance, when in fact, as he knew, that statement was false and fictitious.”

The new evidence consists of photographs from Mr. Biden’s iPhone that he took in late 2018. The images consist of him smoking crack cocaine and with various drug paraphernalia. Whenever a picture is taken with a mobile phone, it attaches exchangeable image file format (Exif) data. This metadata attaches a time and date to the coding for the picture. Anyone with any number of programs, including Photoshop, can read this data.

Hunter Biden also sent multiple text messages about his drug use to numerous people. He referred to powder cocaine as “baby powder” and “the really soft stuff” when inquiring about getting drugs.

“Prior to October 12, 2018 (the date of the gun purchase), the defendant took photos of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia on his phone,” the court filing said. “Also prior to his gun purchase, the defendant routinely sent messages about purchasing drugs.”

Hunter Biden also discussed his drug use with his then-girlfriend, Hallie Biden. The couple would argue about Hunter Biden’s alleged drug use. Hallie Biden accused her then-boyfriend of being in denial about his alleged addiction. The text messages seem to show an out-of-control drug user.

“You have lost your mind hunter. I’m sorry I handled it poorly today but you are in huge denial about yourself and your reality that I just want you to be safe. You run away like a child and blame me for your shit,” Hallie Biden messaged to Hunter Biden. “It’s to be expected that you go, you prove repeatedly that you can’t stay and really do work on yourself,” she said. “It’s easier for you to avoid looking within and cowardly to constantly point the blame on me.”

The DOJ received the messages and pictures after filing and receiving a warrant for access to Hunter Biden’s iCloud account. The President’s son set his iPhone to back up all messages and photos to the Apple cloud. This warrant gave the investigators a treasure trove of evidence to prove their case against the younger Biden.

Hunter Biden has pleaded “not guilty” to the charge of making a false statement in the purchase of a firearm, making a false statement related to information required to be kept by a federal firearms licensed dealer, and one count of possession of a firearm by a person who is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance. Mr. Biden is being tried in a Delaware federal court.

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