‘Modern’ Policing Is F*cked, We Are On Our Own


“They can’t shove it up your ass while you’re sitting on it!” ~ LT. JIM GLENNON.

The national calamity of trying to police in a woke political culture:

Today, I attended a number of [training] classes where I was treated to hearing all about “Constitutional Policing,” endless lectures on “de-escalation,” avoiding any use of force, skillful police officers being viciously criminally prosecuted for taking perfectly reasonable actions while protecting citizens.

Simultaneously, I heard all about the growing threat of active murderers, pernicious terrorist attacks, ambush of patrol officers, police suicide, etc.

It struck me that there is no protection for courageous & dedicated American police officers trying to do the job they’re paid to do!

Americans are desperate for assertive police to arrive quickly and deal effectively with dangerous people who threaten innocent citizens.

However, woke mayors, governors, prosecutors, judges, and even chiefs of police don’t want their officers to deal effectively with dangerous criminals. Whatever officers try to do in an effort to protect the public (and themselves), woke politicians will find fault with and simultaneously find ways to punish all officers involved – with bogus criminal charges.

They look for ways to “make an example” of hapless police officers in an effort to garner approval and support from liberal voters, many of whom don’t think there is a need for police at all.

I suggest unarmed “mental-health professionals” should take their place!

Here is the sad result of this naive, corrupt political philosophy:

Officers (the few who haven’t already left the profession in disgust), including supervisors, have correctly concluded that they can’t “get into trouble” for doing nothing!

“Doing nothing” has thus emerged as the only real personal protection police have from venomous woke politicians.

It’s only when police actually try to do their job (the job woke politicians don’t want them to do), that they become convenient prey for cynical political aspirants and arrogant media pundits.

This unfortunate (but inescapable) attitude on the part of today’s sworn police officers is a direct cause of slow (and getting slower) response times to emergency calls, emergency calls being redirected to answering machines, drastically depleted police ranks, a complete end to pro-active policing, catastrophic decline in arrests and incarceration of dangerous felons, rapid/insidious growth of violent crime.

I don’t fault any of the instructors I heard today for making clear this deliberate attempt to destroy the police profession in America.

And, I surely don’t fault the intrepid/audacious police who are still out there trying to do their job, despite a complete lack of backing and support (much less appreciation) from politicians and large segments of the general public.

What I didn’t hear about today was any real solutions to this rapidly deteriorating situation.

American citizens who see what is happening are voting with their feet, by moving-out of blue cities, blue states.

Those same citizens are also voting for their own welfare by buying guns and ammunition, reluctantly concluding that they’re on their own.

I wish I had better news.

“I will not allow a gaggle of shallow, paranoid, self-centered buffoons to dictate my fate when it comes to a critical incident” ~ A comment I heard more than once today!


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