Milwaukee vs DeWalt Hammer Drill | Head-to-Head Video

With over a decade of experience and a wildly creative bent, Austin is largely responsible for everything that moves fast and furious through the Pro Tool Reviews Youtube channel. His love for being behind the camera lens is only exceeded by his fanatical love for baseball.

Having started with Pro Tool Reviews back in 2019, Austin not only brings a professional video editor and production artist’s angle to our Youtube content, he has also been a first-hand party and participant in a phenomenal amount of power tool testing and accessory testing at the PTR Shop. With many dozens of tested tools “under his belt”, Austin creates content with an informed perspective that helps convey our top picks and buying guides.

Austin looks forward to continued growth in the Pro Tool Reviews Youtube and social media channels and having an ever-increasing role in the production of helpful and relevant content for discerning consumers looking to make well-informed purchasing decisions.

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