Milwaukee MX FUEL Equipment and Batteries

Milwaukee has long settled on a trade-focused approach to power tools. They also maintained a ton of consistency and backward compatibility with their M18 FUEL tools. But what about light equipment? This includes tools that need more power and runtime than M18 currently delivers. Power cutters. Core drills. Bigger tools. To address this type of trade tool, the Milwaukee MX FUEL line of equipment emerged alongside MX FUEL batteries.

The MX FUEL platform operates a variety of light equipment using a system-wide battery platform. Milwaukee designed the MX FUEL system to deliver the performance, run-time, and durability needed for tradesmen operating these larger tools. At the same time, they reduced or removed several hazards, including emissions, noise, and vibration. Plus, since this equipment operates on MX FUEL RedLithium batteries, you eliminate many of the hassles associated with the maintenance of gas and pneumatic tools.

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Milwaukee MX Fuel Forge Batteries

Milwaukee Tool spent over 10,000 hours with contractors and tradesmen across hundreds of jobsites around the world. They saw a lot of safety issues and generally accepted workflow issues that no one seemed able (or willing) to fix. Particular product categories in gas-powered and corded equipment just seemed to lack innovation.

Problems range from “gas headaches” to excessive vibration. Workers also commonly deal with tripping breakers, voltage drops, and power cords that present tripping hazards. In short—Milwaukee saw an opportunity to innovate select light equipment using battery technology. To do that, they needed a different approach geared specifically for this market.

RedLithium Forge HD120 battery

Milwaukee MX FUEL Forge Battery Technology and Models

MX FUEL Forge batteries represent the powerplant behind the cordless light equipment system. Milwaukee currently has four MX FUEL RedLithium battery packs (two MX Fuel Forge and two earlier models):

New Batteries

  • MX FUEL Forge MXFHD812 HD12.0 Battery – This 12Ah battery features updated tabless cylindrical cell technology that offers twice the runtime of the XC406 while saving weight and running cooler. Charges fully in just 65 minutes using the MX Fuel Super Charger.
  • MX FUEL Forge MXFXC608 XC8.0 Battery – This compact 8Ah battery features the same tabless cylindrical cell technology and offers 33% more runtime than the XC406.

Existing Batteries

  • MX FUEL XC406 6.0Ah Battery – This MX FUEL extended-run battery pack contains forty (40) 3.6V 21700 lithium-ion cells arranged in two parallel double stacks. This pack comes rated at 6Ah for operating MX FUEL tools and equipment at maximum power and run time.
  • MX FUEL CP203 3.0Ah Battery – This “compact” MX FUEL pack features twenty (20) 3.6V 21700 lithium-ion cells arranged (more or less) in two layers. You effectively get a 3Ah pack to operate MX FUEL tools and equipment.

Even the earliest model MX Fuel batteries contain more power than possible with existing M18 battery packs. For example, the largest M18 FUEL HD 12.0 battery contains only 15 cells. On top of that the tabless cell technology in Milwaukee Forge batteries offers cooler running and higher capacity with faster discharge and charging than ever before.

Milwaukee MX Fuel Concrete Drilling Equipment

MXF302-2HD Core Rig w/Stand

The Milwaukee MX FUEL Core Rig with stand takes on larger core drilling applications, supporting up to 14″ holes in reinforced concrete. That far exceeds the 6-inch capacity of the MXF301. The first question I always get is “How long will it run?” Fair question. You can expect around four 10-inch holes on a single charge of an MX FUEL RedLithium Forge HD12.0 battery. Those holes are rated at 6 inches deep through #5 rebar. Duration is about 7-10 minutes and the charge time for the HD12.0 battery is around 65 minutes. That should yield just about all-day productivity when switching back and forth between two packs.

Milwaukee MX FUEL Core Rig drillingMilwaukee MX FUEL Core Rig drilling

I got my first close look at this tool at the 2023 World of Concrete. The tool is made for people who core drill every day and who need a broad range of core diameters. It features an innovative bit removal design that doesn’t require any tools. It reminds me of a giant version of the Milwaukee Quick Change hole saw arbors that don’t rely on threaded tension to drive and hold the accessory.

For convenience, you have a 1/2-inch square drive handle that controls motor removal, beveling, and just about every other mechanical feature—including drilling down from both sides. Use the Milwaukee Switch Tank and you have a fully portable solution. The MX FUEL Core Rig w/ Stand comes kitted with two MX FUEL RedLithium FORGE HD12.0 batteries & a Super Charger. It also comes with Milwaukee ONE-KEY compatibility to track, manage, and secure your equipment.


  • Power supply: MX FUEL HD12.0 battery
  • Max recommended drill diameter: 14-inches
  • Chuck/spindle: 1-1/4″-7
  • Speed (RPM): 390–2200
  • Drilling depth: 26.5 in.
  • Hole center indicator
  • Hole start function
  • 3-piece modularity
  • Pressure gauge & LED level
  • Milwaukee One-Key tool tracking
  • Weight: 109.5 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2-year equipment/battery
  • Price: $6999

MXF301-1CP Core Drill

The Milwaukee MX FUEL Core Drill focuses on safer handheld coring. It tackles up to 6-inch holes in reinforced concrete. Because it includes a brushless motor and Redlink Plus technology, Milwaukee could include some important safety features. For example, an integrated clutch all but eliminates kickback events.

Milwaukee MX core drill MXF301-1CP waterMilwaukee MX core drill MXF301-1CP water

You can really observe the significance of this feature when you get up on an 8-foot ladder to drill a hole. I saw this first-hand at the 2019 Milwaukee NPS Media Event. Typically, this would represent a potential safety issue. With the electronic clutch, however, the tool never presents a potential kickback. Additionally, the clutch and Autostop protect the bits as well as the user.

I also like the integrated digital level feature. Four directional LED arrows tell you if you’ve got the tool oriented perfectly along the axis while drilling. This takes the hassle out of making an accurate core in walls. It’s particularly helpful when you’re standing on a ladder.

core drill from laddercore drill from ladder

Pro Features

Similarly, a 5-LED performance gauge lets you know how hard the tool is working. If you light up too many LEDs (crossing the visible threshold) you can back off the pressure, allowing the tool and core bit to work smarter and conserving valuable battery run-time.

Milwaukee MXF301-1CPMilwaukee MXF301-1CP

Pros used the tool, among other things, to drill 6-inch holes in 14-inch thick concrete. That represents an entirely new territory for cordless equipment technology. Several tradesmen commented that they felt it had as much power as any similarly-classed corded core drill on the market.

The system also has an optional wall and floor mount stand that lets you anchor the tool when drilling larger holes that require a precise and level path. The stand includes depth controls as well as level vials for accurately setting the core drill. Combined with the Milwaukee Switch Tank, you can get this tool up and running on the job site in far less time than dragging cords and/or hoses.


  • Power supply: One MX FUEL battery
  • Max recommended drill diameter: 6-inches
  • Spindle: 1-1/4″-7
  • Electronic anti-kickback clutch
  • Autostop™ function
  • Milwaukee One-Key tool tracking
  • Battery level LED gauges (4-bar)
  • Overload indicator
  • Onboard 4-arrow LED Level
  • Integrated water feed
  • Lock-off switch
  • Optional wall/floor mount w/depth and level controls

MXF220-2HD 20″ Plate Compactor Kit

The Milwaukee MX FUEL 20-inch plate compactor removes some of the headaches from gas with a push-button start and no regular maintenance. Perfect for limited runtime applications and also indoors, you get around 35 minutes of continuous runtime with a single MX Fuel Forge HD12.0 battery. That also equates to 5,000 square feet per charge on 3/4″ clear stone (around 4,200–4,500 square feet on loam or 3/4″ traffic bond). Milwaukee claims you can also tackle around 3,000 linear feet of trench.

Milwaukee also made their Plate Compactor One-Key compatible so you can track, manage, and secure it using your mobile or desktop app.

MXF220-2HD plate compactorMXF220-2HD plate compactor

With no pull-start, no emissions, and both forward and reverse directions, this plate compactor presents some excellent options for those looking for an alternative to gas. At $5,499 for the kit, you get a nice quick, and portable piece of equipment.


  • Runtime: 35 minutes (max)
  • Multi-direction capability
  • Fast/slow speeds
  • Foldable handlebar
  • Accessories: Wheel kit, paver pad, water tank
  • One-Key compatible
  • 2-year tool & battery warranty
  • Weight: 164 lbs.
  • Price $5,499 (kit)

MXF270-2HD 70kg Rammer Kit

The battery-powered Milwaukee MX FUEL 70kg Rammer Kit features a push-button start making it easy to get up and running. The lack of emissions makes it a great tool for use indoors and in deep trenches where a gas rammer could be problematic. A Tip Detect feature shuts down the tool if, for any reason, it topples over.

A centralized user interface mounted on the handlebar lets you easily start and stop the tool in addition to accessing either of the fast or slow speed modes. The 70kg Rammer kit includes two MX Fuel RedLithium Forge HD12.0 batteries and a Super Charger. You get up to 25 minutes of continuous runtime or over a quarter mile of compaction.

Milwaukee Rammer MXF270-2HDMilwaukee Rammer MXF270-2HD

Lastly, Milwaukee One-Key lets you track the tool and even lock users out remotely. This is very helpful in the event of theft or if you ever lose your rammer (or any of your Milwaukee MX FUEL Equipment). Pricing is TBD.


  • Runtime: 25 minutes (max)
  • Fast/slow speeds
  • One-Key compatible
  • 2-year tool & battery warranty
  • Price: TBD

MXF324-2HD and MXF336-3HD Walk-Behind Trowels

Milwaukee added a couple of walk-behind trowels to cover many concrete finishing applications with cordless solutions. The MX FUEL MXF324-2HD trowel tackles edging applications with 35 minutes of runtime per RedLithium Forge HD12.0 battery. With a 2-battery kit, you get over an hour or solid runtime. This walk-behind trowel delivers 5HP performance and has a max blade speed of 160 RPM.

MX FUEL 24" Walk-Behind Edging TrowelMX FUEL 24" Walk-Behind Edging Trowel

The Milwaukee MX Fuel MXF336-3HD walk-behind trowel provides around 25 minutes per charge. You might translate that to around 2,000 square feet of coverage (single pass). The kit includes three 12.0Ah Milwaukee MX Fuel Forge batteries and a Super Charger. The 36-inch wide trowel spins at up to 130 RPM and features an ergonomic throttle design and adjustable handle height. A fine-pitch dial gives you decent control when setting the angle of the trowel for various applications. You also get a lift hook for easier loading.

Milwaukee MX Fuel TrowelMilwaukee MX Fuel Trowel

I found both trowels easy to control when testing them out at World of Concrete. Ergonomics are excellent. While not silent, they are much quieter than their gas counterparts. As expected, Milwaukee included One-Key compatibility. Expect to pay around $5,999 for the 24″ edge trowel and $7,499 for the 36″ model.


  • Runtime: 35/25 minutes (max)
  • Handlebar height adjustment
  • Gas equivalent: 5 HP
  • Blade speed: 160/130 RPM
  • Foldable handlebar
  • Lift hook
  • One-Key compatible
  • 2-year tool & battery warranty
  • Weight: 124/164 lbs.
  • Price $5,999/$7,499 (kit)

MXF372-2XC High Cycle Concrete Vibrator Kit

Now with three concrete vibrator tools, the latest High Cycle Vibrator offers enough power to push up to a 2-1/4 in. head at 11,500 VPM. This provides optimal consolidation even in stiffer concrete. Because it runs on an MX Fuel RedLithium HD12.0 battery, you get instant power and get to skip the generators and extension cords.

High Cycle Concrete Vibrator KitHigh Cycle Concrete Vibrator Kit

This High Cycle concrete vibrator consolidates up to 90 cubic yards of concrete per charge using a 1-3/4 in. head and a 7-foot whip. You can add whips up to 32 ft long without affecting runtime or power. Finally, a Bluetooth remote lets you turn the machine on or off from up to 30 feet away.

Pricing is still TBD, but this looks like a great solution for simplifying remote jobs at height—among other applications.


  • Runtime: 90 cubic yards per charge (HD12.0)
  • Wireless remote
  • 10,000 VPM (consistent)
  • Whips: Milwaukee High Cycle only
  • One-Key compatible
  • 2-year tool & battery warranty
  • Weight: 12.9 lbs.
  • Price: TBD

MXF370-2XC Concrete Vibrator and MXF371-2XC Backpack Vibrator

For better portability, the Milwaukee MX Fuel MXF370 concrete vibrator provides enough power to push up to 2-1/2 in. heads—all while eliminating extension cords. It can consolidate up to 45 cubic yards per charge using an XC406 battery (rated with a 2-inch head and 14-foot whip.

You get up to 11,000 VPM and it accepts whips up to 21 feet in length. Lastly, you can operate the vibrator from up to 30 feet away using the Bluetooth remote.

Milwaukee MX FUEL concrete vibratorMilwaukee MX FUEL concrete vibrator

The Milwaukee MX Fuel MXF371-2XC Backpack Vibrator supports the same heads and whips. You can consolidate up to 70 cubic yards per charge using a single XC406 battery and it also includes the Bluetooth remote.

Milwaukee Backpack Concrete VibratorMilwaukee Backpack Concrete Vibrator

Both vibrators support Milwaukee One-Key and include the same 2-year tool and battery warranty. Both the head and whip are sold separately. Available whips include 7, 10, 14, and 21-inch lengths. Heads come in 1-, 1.5-, 2-, and 2.5-inch sizes. Both are also compatible with Oztec accessories. Expect to pay around $2,199 for the standard concrete vibrator and $2,899 for the backpack model.


  • Runtime: 45/70 cubic yards
  • Head and whip sold separately
  • VPM: 10,000 (11,200 max)
  • Blade speed: 160/130 RPM
  • Shafts: 7-21 ft.
  • Max head size: 2.5 in.
  • Bluetooth remote
  • One-Key compatible
  • 2-year tool & battery warranty
  • Weight: 23/34.5 lbs.
  • Price $2,199/$2,899 (kit)

MXF315-2XC 14-inch Cut-off Saw w/Rapidstop

The Milwaukee MX FUEL 14-inch Cut-off Saw improves upon the MXF314-XC in a couple of ways. First, it adds a Rapidstop blade brake which stops the blade in just three seconds during regular use. It also stops the blade quickly whenever it encounters a kickback event.

MXF315 Rapidstop 14" cut-off sawMXF315 Rapidstop 14" cut-off saw

With improved ergonomics, the saw places the battery underneath the handle. In terms of power, expect to cut 14 ft of concrete fully plunged to 5 inches using an MX Fuel RedLithium Forge XC8.0 battery. Alternatively, it can well over 100 cuts in #5 rebar. Each XC8.0 battery recharges in just 45 minutes using a Supercharger. Since the MXF315-2XC kit includes two batteries—you can pretty much double those numbers.

For just under $3000 you get a gas-free portable cutting tool that delivers a ton of cutting power for metal and concrete applications. With a pair of XC8.0 batteries you can extend your runtime significantly. Compared to the MXF314, I prefer the better runtime, better ergonomics, and safer Rapidstop system for the additional $500.


  • Blade: 14-inch metal or concrete
  • Onboard electric water valve
  • Milwaukee One-Key tool tracking
  • Load LED indicator
  • 2-year tool & battery warranty
  • Weight: 29.6 lbs.
  • Price $2999

MXF314-XC 14-inch Cut-off Saw

The lower-priced Milwaukee MX FUEL MXF314-2XC Cut-off Saw has the same cutting capacity as a 14-inch gas cut-off saw. Since it uses the CP203 or XC406 MX FUEL battery packs, you get no starting hassles. You also set aside any maintenance issues that typically accompany a 14″ gas saw. Having a 14″ blade lets you cut 6-, 8-, or even 10-inch pipe straight—possibly without having to rotate the pipe.

Milwaukee MX power saw cutting pipeMilwaukee MX power saw cutting pipe

The tool starts up quickly with the push of a button. Interviewed Pros commented they liked the power and capacity for cutting through steel, concrete, and cast iron. The Pros I heard from communicated it was as fast as a gas power cutter and the speed of cut was at least identical.

Specifically, with regard to power, they liked that it could tackle thicker steel and cast iron a lot more quickly. Add to that the fact that you don’t need to buy gas or premix fuel, and the tool simply became easier to use on the job site.

Reduced Weight and Vibration

This piece of Milwaukee MX FUEL Equipment weighs less than at least some comparable gas cutters in this class. The tool proves easier to use indoors since you don’t need to worry about fumes. Since the cutting action—and not a gasoline engine—produces the majority of audible sound, the MX FUEL 14-inch Cut-off saw makes a lot less noise.

Milwaukee cut-off saw concreteMilwaukee cut-off saw concrete

The tool also produces less vibration since it uses a smoother electric motor as opposed to the pistons of a gasoline engine. Functionally the tool works in a way that takes less effort to make straight cuts. This applies to both metal and when used with the optional wheeled cart for cutting concrete floors.

Overall, this $2499 saw scored high points for being very portable and quite reliable for getting work done quickly and efficiently. Pros repeatedly used words like “well-built” and “powerful” to describe this tool.


  • Power supply: One MX FUEL battery
  • Blade: 14-inch metal or concrete
  • Adjustable blade guard
  • Integrated water supply port w/quick-connect
  • Milwaukee One-Key tool tracking
  • Battery level LED gauges (4-bar)
  • Overload indicator
  • Optional cart and water supply tank
  • Price: $2499

MXF368-1XC Breaker Demo Hammer

The Milwaukee MX FUEL Breaker Demo Hammer focuses on three key things. It reduces vibration to the user, drops weight to be the lightest breaker in its class, and demos up to two tons of concrete per charge. The MX FUEL breaker shocked Pros with respect to its power and how long the battery lasts.

MX FUEL breaker concreteMX FUEL breaker concrete

One worker used the MX FUEL breaker to cut an 80-foot long 10-inch wide trench in 6-inch concrete. When he finished, the battery still showed half of its life remaining.

Professional construction workers compared its power to traditional air-powered breakers. Compared to those, it weighs less and doesn’t vibrate as much as a pneumatic tool. Overall, the response was that it provides much more control over corded or hosed tools. With the side handle, the tool can be carried one-handed from the mid-position—even with one of the Milwaukee MX FUEL batteries installed. It balances perfectly from the mid-point.

Milwaukee MXF368-1XCMilwaukee MXF368-1XC

The tool also operates with less noise than air hammers currently used by so many construction workers. Overall, this breaker looks poised to change expectations regarding what a cordless power tool can accomplish.


  • Power supply: One MX FUEL battery
  • Chuck Size: 1-1/8 in.
  • Vibration-reduction system
  • Dust collection accessory compatible
  • Milwaukee One-Key tool tracking
  • Battery level LED gauges (4-bar)
  • Side carry handle

Milwaukee MX Fuel Site Lighting

MXF040-1XC Rocket Dual Power Compact Tower Light

Taking a bit off the top, the Milwaukee MX FUEL Rocket Dual Power Compact Tower Light presents another great site lighting solution with far more portability in mind. It sets up more quickly and requires 75% less storage space in your truck or work van.

It puts out as much as 15,000 lumens of lighting suitable for area or task applications. The MX FUEL MXF040-1XC can cover as much as 2,300 sq. ft.—or up to 5X the usable light of an M18 Rocket Dual Power Tower Light.

MXF040-1XC rocket dual power compact tower lightMXF040-1XC rocket dual power compact tower light

Expect to get up to 3 hours of run-time on High when using one of the Milwaukee MX Fuel RedLithium XC406 batteries. Need more? Plug it into 120V AC for all-day runtime. Pricing is still to be determined as of the time of this writing.


  • Lumens output: 15,000 (max)
  • Coverage: 2,300 sq. ft. (@0.5+ ft-c)
  • Mast height: 7 ft.
  • Dual deployable outriggers
  • Power supply: 120VAC or MX Fuel battery
  • Locked/sealed battery compartment
  • IP56 rated for dust and water protection
  • Milwaukee One-Key compatible with Bluetooth card
  • Price: TBD

MXF041-1XC MX FUEL Rocket Tower Light/Charger

From my first sneak peek at the Milwaukee MX FUEL Rocket Tower Light/Charger I saw the light (sorry). This system presents a way to light the jobsite with up to 27,000 lumens. By far, this is the most portable 10-foot tall site light I’ve seen for both indoor and outdoor use.

The four legs operate independently, letting the MX FUEL Rocket Tower stand straight and tall—even on uneven and rocky terrain. Made for outdoor use, it also features plenty of water and dust resistance.

Milwaukee MX Site LightMilwaukee MX Site Light


  • Lumens output: 27,000 (variable/dimmable)
  • 4 positionable LED lights
  • Height: 10-feet (maximum)
  • Self-leveling independent leg adjustment
  • Power supply: One MX FUEL battery
  • Enclosed battery compartment
  • Charges MX FUEL battery
  • Milwaukee One-Key tool tracking + App Control
  • Battery level LED gauges (4-bar)
  • Integrated wheeled dolly system
  • Price: $3,299

Milwaukee MX Fuel Equipment for Sewer & Drain Maintenance

MXF512-2XC Pipe Threading Machine

The Milwaukee MX FUEL Pipe Threading Machine eliminates the need to work near an outlet by giving you cordless freedom. With the included wheeled cart it moves from work truck to jobsite easily. The brushless motor lets the MXF512 deliver up to 140 3/4-inch cuts and threads per charge — pretty much giving you all-day runtime. In terms of capabilities, you can thread up to 2-inch black iron pipe, stainless steel, or rigid metal conduit.

On those jobs where you need both threading and grooving, the Milwaukee cordless pipe threading machine features a second hammer chuck. This lets you connect roll grooving attachments without requiring either teardown or additional adapters.

MXF512-2XC pipe threading machineMXF512-2XC pipe threading machine

With its onboard self-contained oil reservoir, you can store it vertically upright without spills. Priced at $7000, this machine takes dead aim at complicated corded solutions.

Milwaukee MX Fuel MXF512 cordless pipe threaderMilwaukee MX Fuel MXF512 cordless pipe threader


  • Speeds (RPM): 57/36
  • Self-contained oil reservoir w/plug
  • Spring-loaded wheeled cart
  • Rear hammer chuck
  • Capacity: Up to 2″ black iron, stainless, rigid metal
  • Milwaukee One-Key tool tracking
  • 2 x XC408 batteries + charger
  • Price: $7,000

Milwaukee MX Fuel Sewer Drum Machine w/ POWERTREDZ

The Milwaukee MX Fuel Sewer Drum Machine simplifies sewer calls by letting one person tackle a 200-foot auger. The PowerTredz system lets you transport the sewer drum in and out of a service van as well as up and down stairs. Of all the Milwaukee MX FUEL Equipment available, this might be one of the more complicated and well-designed products.

Milwaukee MX Sewer Drum Machine POWERTREDZ stairsMilwaukee MX Sewer Drum Machine POWERTREDZ stairs

The MX FUEL battery and brushless motor give it enough power to clear roots up to 200 ft away. An enclosed drum then lets you reel the auger back in without making a mess on the job site.

Sewer Drum MachineSewer Drum Machine


  • Auger length: 200-feet
  • Automatic motorized feed w/speed control
  • PowerTredz™ battery-operated stair track system
  • Fully-enclosed drum
  • Power supply: One MX FUEL battery
  • Milwaukee One-Key tool tracking
  • Battery level LED gauges (4-bar)
  • Integrated wheeled dolly system

The Milwaukee MX FUEL Carry-On 3600W/1800W Power Supply provides 1800W of sustained power to the jobsite. The system handles 3600W of peak power but maintains a compact size. Since it runs off one or two Milwaukee MX FUEL batteries, this piece of equipment provides quiet operation with no emissions. It also charges up to two MX FUEL batteries when you connect it to an AC power source.

MX FUEL Power Supply corded toolMX FUEL Power Supply corded tool

This solution works really well for charging batteries (onboard or external), running fans, operating smaller tools, or anything where you need access to power indoors and away from an outlet.


  • Power output: 1800W (continuous), 3600W (peak)
  • Power supply: One or two MX FUEL batteries
  • Output: 2 x 110V AC
  • Charges MX FUEL batteries (via extension cord)
  • Milwaukee One-Key tool tracking
  • Independent battery level LED gauges (4-bar)
  • Milwaukee M12/M18 battery charger mounting points

What many people want to know is how Milwaukee MX FUEL fits into the company’s ecosystem of power tools. Fortunately, Milwaukee Tool provided the answer—and it makes total sense.

    This platform delivers the technology needed for best-in-class light equipment solutions. Milwaukee will continue to expand the MX FUEL System with light equipment solutions that slowly but surely replace gas and pneumatic power on-site. The platform emphasizes long-term tool use, interoperability, and trade-focus. Milwaukee MX FUEL batteries come optimized for tools with higher power and run-time demands.
  • M18 FUEL
    The M18 FUEL System includes more than 200 tools and products. In short—it ain’t going anywhere. Milwaukee is committing to use this platform for trade-focused power tool solutions that don’t compromise on power and performance.
  • M12 FUEL
    Milwaukee M12 FUEL currently occupies the largest sub-compact space in the industry. The company has over 100 products and tools on the platform with more on the way. M12 focuses on truly portable power. It seeks to transform inefficient manual tools into advanced and practical cordless solutions.

Final Thoughts

To say my impressions of the Milwaukee MX FUEL cordless light equipment system are optimistic would be an understatement. I had no idea a cordless battery platform could tackle so many trade-specific applications…and it just keeps growing. I look forward to the growth of this platform—if only because it represents such a needed shift in thinking when it comes to light equipment. Milwaukee has just unlocked a need for innovation in an industry where only micro-adjustments had been common. They clearly seem bent on shaking things up—and I’m excited to see what comes next.

For more information about the MX FUEL Equipment System or Milwaukee MX FUEL batteries, please visit their website.

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