Makita Hammer Drill vs Flex Hammer Drill | Head-To-Head Video

We’ve got the Makita XGT Hammer Drill vs the Flex 24V Hammer Drill in a 1v1 power tool head to head! The Makita GPH01 is representing Makita in this head to head and the model we tested from Flex is their flagship FX1271. We run through four different performance tests highlighting torque, light and heavy duty wood drilling, and concrete drilling. After that we run through how these drills compare using manufacturer specs, and finally, cover how much these drills cost and where you can buy them.

Key insights on Makita vs Flex

  • 💪 Performance is certainly the biggest consideration for drills at this level, but size, weight, features, and price also play a role.
  • 🔍 The inline torque meter records the maximum soft torque before the drill stops, providing valuable data for comparison.
  • ⏱️ Makita narrowly outpaces Flex in wood drilling tests, completing the holes in 2.64 seconds on average.
  • 🏗️ Flex impressed in the concrete test, slicing through the concrete block and sinking the bit in 3.44 seconds on average, outperforming Makita in this aspect.
  • 💥 The Max torque of the Flex is, 1400 IN-LB and Makita is spec’d out conservatively to 1250 IN-LB.
  • 💼 The two tool combo kit from Flex includes both the hammer drill and an impact driver, along with batteries, all for $299.
  • 🔨 The Flex hammer drill offers a better value with its combo kit, including an impact driver and extra batteries, at a lower price than the Makita hammer drill kit alone.

We compared the Flex and Makita hammer drill in performance tests, and we wanna know who YOU think won in the comments!

  • 00:00 🔨 Flex and Makita hammer drills are compared in performance tests, including torque, size, weight, features, and price.
  • 00:37 🔨 Testing the maximum soft torque, drilling speed, and concrete drilling performance of Makita and Flex hammer drills.
  • 01:19 🔨 Flex and Makita hammer drills had similar torque and wood drilling performance, with Makita slightly outperforming Flex in both tests.
  • 02:38 🔨 Flex completed holes faster in self-feed bit test, while Makita performed better in concrete test, leading to a back and forth comparison of technical specs.
  • 04:02 💥 Flex and Makita hammer drills have similar specs in terms of speed, torque, hammer rates, size, and weight.
  • 04:48 💡 Flex hammer drill is available at Acme Tools and Lowe’s, with options for a bare tool, basic kit, or combo kit, ranging from $159 to $299.
  • 05:32 💡 Makita’s tool is expensive, but you can get a combo kit with an impact driver for less than the cost of the drill alone.
  • 06:39 💡 Flex and Makita hammer drills are compared, and viewers are asked to pick their favorite in the comments.

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