Lost Husky Tries to Join a Family of Kamchatka Brown Bears

There’s nothing to see here, just a husky casually hanging out with some Kamchatka brown bears in the wilds of Russia. Actually, it is something to see. The Kamchatka bears are huge, and the husky does not seem to realize who it’s dealing with, as it playfully engages with and trots alongside them.

A family reportedly captured this drone footage while searching for their lost dog in Russia’s remote Kamchatka Peninsula. It seems they found their dog, but who’s going in to “rescue” him (or her)?

Kamchatka bears are a subspecies of brown bear, like Kodiak bears of North America. They’re quite large, though not as large as Kodiaks.

In the drone footage, you can watch as the dog weaves in and out of the three bears as they walk in a line. The husky nips at the bears playfully (and even gets pushed away at one point by a clearly annoyed bear), and he just generally hangs around them, perhaps since he doesn’t know where else to go.

The bears, by the way, seem very aware of the drone and look up at it more than once. They also tolerate the dog, but they don’t seem to really love that it’s there.

Watch it here:

A husky was lost in Kamchatka. They started looking for him using a drone and found him hanging out with bears
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Let’s hope the bears’ patience lasts until someone can get that husky outta there.

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