Looking for a Quiet Leaf Blower? Milwaukee’s Got You Covered

At 54 Decibels, Milwaukee Sets a New Standard for Quiet Lead Blower Operation

Whenever we’re making our recommendations for the best cordless leaf blowers, people often want to know which one is the quietest. If you’re one of them, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 3017 needs to be on your list.

Milwaukee 3017 Leaf Blower Basics

Milwaukee 3017

Based on ANSI B175.2 – the official standard for testing lead blower noise – Milwaukee’s 3017 puts out just 54 decibels. That’s even lower than Ryobi’s impressive Whisper Series RY404100 which boasts 57 decibels.

Keep in mind that the standard determines the measurement taken from 50 feet as an indicator for bystanders. The noise level at the operator’s ear is higher, but it’s still the quietest rating we’ve seen on a legit blower.

Cleaning the ShopCleaning the Shop

When it comes to performance, Milwaukee sticks with its popular M18 battery system for a power supply. Paired with a PowerState brushless motor, you get a maximum of 500 CFM, 120 MPH, and 12.2 Newtons of blowing force. Those numbers match up with the performance of the M18 Fuel Quik-Lok blower attachment and it’s a bump up from the second-generation M18 Fuel 2724.

Compared to the performance Milwaukee’s Dual-Battery and backpack blowers offer, the performance is lower. However, keep it in perspective. Handheld gas blowers max out around 12 Newtons for residential models and 15 Newtons for Pro-grade blowers. There’s plenty of blowing force available to clear off hard surfaces after mowing and manage your fall leaves.

There’s also a weight advantage. As a bare tool, the 3017 weighs just 5.1 pounds. Even if you go whole hog with the 12.0Ah High Output battery, your working weight is an easily manageable 8.5 pounds.

Of course, there’s also the convenience of having a battery for a power source. There’s no cord to drag around, no gas engine maintenance, no gas and oil to mix, and no direct emissions.

Milwaukee Leaf Blower Comparison

Before we wrap things up, let’s step back and consider Milwaukee’s leaf blower lineup as a whole. What we find is that the 3017 fills an important niche. Take a look for yourself:

Model Focus Performance
M18 Fuel 2724 Previous Generation 120 MPH
450 CFM
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M18 Fuel 3017 Quietest Operation
Lightest Weight
120 MPH
500 CFM
12.2 Newtons
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M18 Fuel Quik-Lok 49-16-2793 Attachment System Compatibility 120 MPH
500 CFM
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M18 Fuel Dual Battery 2824 High Power
Longer Runtime
145 MPH
600 CFM
17.7 Newtons
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M18 Fuel Backpack Blower 3009 Highest Power
Longest Runtime
155 MPH
650 CFM
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Milwaukee 3017 Leaf Blower Price

Milwaukee 3017 with Gutter BlowerMilwaukee 3017 with Gutter Blower

You can order the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 3017 leaf blower as a bare tool for $179. There’s no kit option at the moment, though.

You may want to add a couple of accessories as well. There’s an Angled Flare Attachment you can get for $14.99. It’s compatible with all four of Milwaukee’s primary leaf blowers.

If you want to make your gutter cleaning tasks easier, you can snag the Gutter Attachment for $79.99. You can also use it with the Dual-Battery Blower.

The Bottom Line

With its focus on quiet operation and light weight, Milwaukee’s 3017 is more versatile than just a leaf blower for mow and blow crews. It’s an excellent jobsite and shop blower, as well as a solid option for noise-sensitive properties such as business parks and schools. No matter how you use it, if the quietest lead blower is what you’re after, this is the Milwaukee model you want.

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