Let Us Try & Explain ATF’s Zero Tolerance Policy ~ SAF Weekly Recap VIDEO


In a recent SAF Video update, Bill Sack, Director of Legal Operations at the Second Amendment Foundation, highlighted what he perceives as a discrepancy between the Biden administration’s rhetoric on gun control and the actual data regarding illegal gun trafficking.

Sack referenced a report from the ATF’s National Firearms Commerce and Trafficking Assessment which reviewed over 9,700 ATF firearms trafficking investigations conducted between 2017 and 2021. The report revealed that licensed firearm dealers (FFLs) were responsible for only 1.6% of the illegal trafficking cases, amounting to 136 cases.

Despite these findings, the Biden administration has implemented a strict “Zero Tolerance” policy directed by President Biden himself, leading to the revocation of FFL licenses for minor clerical errors without evidence of intentional wrongdoing.

Sack argues that this aggressive approach disproportionately impacts legitimate, constitutionally protected businesses, with the ATF suspecting only around 0.1% of FFLs may have been involved in illegal activities.

The Second Amendment Foundation, as explained by Sack, is actively working to counteract what they see as overreaching gun control measures through litigation and education. Sack encourages supporters to stay informed about ongoing legal cases and the foundation’s efforts by following their updates on social media and their website.

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