Is Our Justice System, Mortally Wounded? ~ VIDEO


“Anger and wrath, these also are abominations, and the sinful man will possess them.”

From the Book of Sirach, 27:30. Sirach, written by a Jewish scribe (Sira), probably in Alexandria, Egypt, dates from 175 BC but was/is not included in the Jewish Canon. It is included among “apocryphal books” of the Catholic Bible

As we’ve just witnessed in NYC, our Criminal Justice System has been upended by neo-Marxists (masquerading as “Democrats”).

These Marxists have so much control over who becomes a prosecutor, mayor, chief of police, judge, etc., that their influence now dictates who gets arrested and charged and who gets to “bypass” our criminal justice system, including grand juries.
In the recent subway fight/shooting on NYC’s subway system, prosecutors and NYPD have obviously colluded to simply bypass the grand jury for the benefit of the shooter. This is curious because, in the nearly identical case of Daniel Penny, we see that such a “courtesy” was not extended!

The cases of George Zimmerman and Kyle Rittenhouse also come to mind. Those two defendants were mercilessly dragged through our criminal justice system (designed to utterly bankrupt anyone it snags) due solely to obvious pressure from neo-Marxist special-interest groups since credible evidence of an actual “crime” never existed – in either case.

Given this reality, do you suppose that when you or I shoot a murderous attacker who has broken into our home and attempted to harm us, we’ll get such a convenient “pass?”

Or, as is routinely practiced in NYC, will the decision to prosecute ignore facts and be based entirely on our political orientation and/or our race?

I can just hear a woke prosecutor contemptuously brushing aside actual facts and piously (and oh-so emotionally) contending that we were “excessive in our use of force,” and that besides, we are members of a political party he doesn’t like, and in addition that we’ve published opinions on the Internet that he also doesn’t like, and of course the person we shot is a darling of the political party he does like.

Of course, the presiding judge should never allow any of that irrelevant political crap to enter the conversation, but we now also have judges who self-righteously consider their own pet political agendas more important than the pursuit of justice.

Such illicit political pressures will be particularly severe during an election year (such as the one we’re in now), as George Zimmerman unhappily discovered in 2012!

Now, I’m sure you’re waiting for my “answer” to these nauseating injustices.

I don’t have any good ones!

We need to strive to be good and decent people, even when politicians and public officials are not.

If you haven’t already, join ACLDN (Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network). They are very helpful.

Stay away from Marxist-controlled places (like NYC) to the degree that you can.

Be careful what you publish on the Internet!

In any event, be prepared (to the degree that you can) to face violent criminals on the one hand and their depraved political allies on the other!


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Is Our Justice System, Mortally Wounded? ~ VIDEO
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