In This Snake vs. Duck Battle, Farmer Al Steps in for the Win

The “first snake spotted this season” at Merciful Hearts Farm in upstate South Carolina was a doozy. The 5.5-foot black rat snake tried to take down one of the farm ducks. Thankfully, Farmer Al, aka Al Potter, knew just what to do in this snake vs. duck battle.

Deb Potter filmed the encounter and posted it to the farm’s Instagram page. She said she and Al had one more sheep to shear in the front pasture when they heard “a strange commotion under the car.”

Turns out, a snake had grabbed a duck by the foot and wrapped itself around her.

“They were wrestling & rolling under the car,” Potter writes in the video’s caption. Farmer Al pulls the entangled pair out from under the car and carefully disentangles them. It’s not a sight you see every day.

Watch a snake vs. duck + farmer battle:

The Potters measured the snake against Al’s 5-foot crook before they released it. They estimate it was a “lovely” 5.5-foot black rat snake. The first snake sighting of the season at this family farm certainly made an impression—on the duck and the internet.

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