GPOD on the Road: Vancouver Hardy-Plant Study Weekend

Back in June, friend of the GPOD Cherry Ong attended the Vancouver Hardy Plant Study Weekend and was kind enough to share photos of some of the gardens she toured. Today she’s taking us along to visit Thomas Hobbs and Brent Beattie’s garden.

Paris (Zones 5–9) has beautiful and unusual flowers. This relative of trilliums has mostly green flowers that reward closer inspection.

close up of foliage plants in various shades of greenIn this contrast in textures and shades of green, Paris is again in the foreground with other shade-loving plants, while the sheered shrubs in the background give a contrasting formality to the garden.

small garden bed with foliage plants and bright pink flowersHere is a beautiful contrasting mix of foliage colors, with the only floral contribution being the pink blooms of the spirea (Spiraea japonica, Zones 3–8).

tree limb and trunk chairOne part garden seat, one part garden art—beautiful and unusual

metal jacks garden artI love this sculpture in the garden.

close up of light pink Martagon liliesMartagon lilies (Lilium hybrid, Zones 3–8) thrive in partially shaded conditions. The leaves are beautiful and topped by these incredible spires of elegant flowers.

large terracotta urn in the gardenThis urn tucked into the foliage of the garden is absolutely lovely. What an incredible piece.

more foliage plants with pink flowersAn edge of Sedum ‘Angelina’ (Zones 5–9) provides bright yellow-green color, in contrast to the darker green of the rest of the foliage.

close up of Asian mayapplePodophyllum (Asian mayapple, Zones 5–9) with incredibly patterned foliage

close up of Solomons sealI love the texture of this mass of Solomon’s seal (Polygonatum sp., Zones 5–9).


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