Fryingpan Creek Bridge At Mount Rainier National Park To Be Replaced

Fryingpan Creek Bridge in Mount Rainier is scheduled to be replaced in 2026-29/NPS fileFryingpan Creek Bridge locator map/NPS

Mount Rainier National Park’s 93-year-old Fryingpan Creek Bridge, which was built with a 75-year-old life in mind, will be replaced beginning in 2026 if the National Park Service can find funding to pay for the work.

The Park Service and Federal Highway Administration approved a plan to replace the historic span with a new bridge that meets current structural and safety standards and provides long-term safe access for park administration and the visiting public. Construction of the new bridge and removal of the existing bridge is planned for 2026–2029 and is subject to funding availability. Construction work is typically confined to the short, snow-free summer seasons.  

Seasonal public access to the Sunrise and White River areas will remain open during the multi-year construction period, the park announced Thursday. One lane of Sunrise Road will remain open during bridge construction via the existing roadway. Traffic delays of 20–30 minutes will be necessary during construction to accommodate one-way traffic. Short-term closures may be needed at additional times for site safety, including during the setting of bridge girders. Information on construction impacts that affect travel within the park will be posted on the park’s website.

“Fryingpan Creek Bridge must be replaced to ensure that visitors to the park can continue to enjoy access to Sunrise and White River for decades to come,” said Superintendent Greg Dudgeon. 

The parking area and Summerland trail access adjacent to the Fryingpan Creek Bridge will be closed to public access during construction to meet safety requirements. Visitors will need to use alternative parking areas and trailheads to access the Wonderland Trail and Summerland Trail during the construction period.

Bridge replacement options were analyzed in an environmental assessment that evaluated the impacts of replacing the existing bridge located in the northeast portion of the park along Sunrise Road. The Fryingpan Creek bridge provides the only vehicular access from Mather Memorial Parkway (Highway 410) to the Sunrise Developed Area and White River Campground.

The Fryingpan Creek Bridge Replacement Project EA was available for public review and comment from April 5 through May 7, 2023. The NPS has selected alternative B from the EA and will work in coordination with the FHWA to construct a new, longer, and wider permanent bridge approximately fifty feet downstream from the existing bridge as described in the project decision document and finding of no significant impact (FONSI). The EA and FONSI are available on the project website at ParkPlanning – Fryingpan Creek Bridge Replacement Project (  

Fryingpan Creek Bridge locator map/NPS

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