First Look: Midwest Industries Premium Lever Action Stock Series

First Look: Midwest Industries Premium Lever Action Stock Series

A peak at Midwest Industries’ Premium Lever Action Stock Series, the company’s latest accessories for modernizing your lever gun.

The last time lever-action rifles were this popular, horses were probably still in vogue too. Regardless, new lever gun models weren’t the only thing to be released at SHOT Show 2024, as Midwest Industries announced several new accessories for lever-action rifles as well.

Called the Midwest Industries Premium Lever Action Stock Series, the lineup features more than just stocks. The stocks are compatible with rifles from Marlin, Winchester, Rossi and Henry, and the other new accessories add a lot of potential for customization for anyone looking to bring a lever-action into the 21st century. The new products include ambidextrous stocks with various profiles, G10 M-LOK and grip panels, an M-LOK shell holder, stock spacer plates and more.


Troy Storch, owner of Midwest Industries, said this about the new lineup:

As the company that kicked off the lever action revolution all those years ago, it feels great to get back to redefining what a lever action rifle can be … Adding modern components and accessories shouldn’t force lever action enthusiasts to sacrifice the old-school feel that drew them to the platform in the first place. We aimed to take what makes a lever action rifle great and make it even better, and I think we accomplished that.


The accessories in Midwest Industries’ Premium Lever Action Stock Series are available now.

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