EGO 22-Inch Select Cut Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Review

Overgrown Lawns Are No Match For The EGO 22-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower

As battery-powered lawn mowers continue to gain traction around the nation, we’re seeing vast improvements to both cutting power and runtime. EGO has always done a great job of bracketing the market in terms of price and performance, but now they’re stepping things up in a big way. The all new EGO 22-Inch Select Cut lawn mower shows off an impressive power level as well as a completely redesigned aluminum deck.


  • Impressive torque
  • Excellent cutting power
  • Comfortable grip
  • 8 deck height settings
  • Low vibration
  • Effective side discharge chute
  • Vertical storage
  • Excellent cut quality


  • A little more expensive than poly-deck models

EGO 22-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower Performance

Stacked Blades
  • Blade Speed: 3350 RPM
  • Torque: 11.1 ft-lbs
  • Drive Speed: 0.9 to 3.1 MPH
  • Cutting Height: 1 to 4 in. (8-positon)
  • Runtime: Up to 70 min. (with a 10.0Ah battery)

Cutting Power

The EGO LM2200SP utilizes a strong brushless motor to spin the dual 22-inch blades. It churns out an impressive 11.1 ft-lbs of cutting torque and up to 3,350 RPMs, giving you very real gas-replacement power.

Since this mower has higher than average torque specs, I really wanted to put it to the test in a more challenging environment. We headed over to our neighbor’s overgrown lawn, set the deck height to 3 inches, installed the side discharge chute, and got to work.

Much to our surprise, this mower plowed through the overgrowth without stalling. Granted, we weren’t able to mow at full speed, but the blades maintained RPMs and left us with a clean cut and minimal stickups.

Cut Quality

As I mentioned earlier, this mower sports EGO’s Select Cut stacked multi-blade system. It comes already equipped with the mulching blade, but EGO includes a High-Performance and High-Lift blade as well. This lets you dial in the optimal performance level to fit your needs.

Cut qualityCut quality

As for cut quality, I think EGO knocked it out of the park. This mower bags and mulches very effectively, and the rear discharge chute works like a charm. Even though I still love EGO’s previous models, this mower showcased some pretty big improvements that set it apart from the rest. During our testing, it handled our mixture of St. Augustine and Bahiagrass with ease and left a smooth, clean cut in our wake.


It’s a little tricky to nail down an exact runtime estimate because there are a number of contributing factors. These include things like mowing mode, temperature, ambient humidity, grass height, and species.

Mowing Mode Estimated Runtime
1 (Eco) 70 min.
2 (Normal) 60 min.
Turbo 45 min.
Estimates from EGO

EGO estimates you’ll get around 70 minutes of total runtime with the kitted 10.0Ah battery, under ideal conditions. With that said, I can confidently recommend this mower for 1/2-acre lawns. But really, if you’re regularly mowing much more than 3/4 of an acre, I’d suggest going with one of EGO’s Z6 mowers or even their latest lawn tractor.

Tips on Maximizing Runtime

  • Cut no more than 1-1/2 inches of grass in a single pass
  • Set the drive speed to a moderate pace
  • Avoid mowing wet grass
  • Keep blades sharp
  • Ensure that the underside of the deck is clean

EGO 22-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower Design Notes

EGO 22-Inch Select Cut Lawn MowerEGO 22-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower
  • Model: EGO LM2200SP
  • Power Source: EGO 56V battery
  • Deck Width: 22 in.
  • Ingress Rating: IPX4

Drive Controls

EGO Touch Drive controlsEGO Touch Drive controls

Looking down at the controls, EGO brought back the Touch Drive system from their original Select Cut Mower. This system combines a rotating speed dial and two large buttons on both sides of the handle. Personally, I prefer this style because it cuts down on hand fatigue, and it’s easy to make speed adjustments on the fly.

Deck Design

EGO took a detour from their usual Poly decks and instead went with cast aluminum. This adds a little bit of weight, but it feels very sturdy and looks like it’ll last a lifetime. In fact, EGO offers a lifetime warranty on the deck, so be sure to register your purchase.

Aluminum deckAluminum deck

Initially, I did have some concerns about airflow inside the deck compared to EGO’s other successful poly decks. However, those feeling were quickly dispelled after some first-hand testing. The rear discharge port is much larger than EGO’s previous models and allows for more efficient grass ejection when bagging or using the side-discharge attachment.

Deck Height

This mower has a two-point deck height adjustment system, as opposed to EGO’s usual single-point system. There are eight positions that range from 1-inch all the way up to 4-inches, covering just about every grass species your lawn may have.

Deck height settingsDeck height settings
Deck Height Setting Approximate Cutting Height
1 1 in.
2 1-3/8 in.
3 1-3/4 in.
4 2 in.
5 2-1/2 in.
6 3 in.
7 3-1/2 in.
8 4 in.
From EGO’s Service Manual

Additional Features

  • LED Headlights
  • Two-position handle

EGO 22-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower Price

The EGO LM2200SP mower retails for $899 as a bare tool and $1,199 as a kit. The kit includes a beefy 10.0Ah battery and charger. Keep in mind, this mower is compatible with EGO’s entire 56V battery lineup.

The Bottom Line

The EGO 22-inch self-propelled mower is another example of why I love this brand. Once again, they raised the benchmark even higher when it comes to overall power and durability. It combines gas-replacement power, excellent cut quality, and a proven drive system that’s easy to operate, even for beginners. While the price tag is a little higher for budget-minded shoppers, if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line battery-powered lawn mower, EGO LM2200SP is it.

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