Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Foam Party Wash and Wax Review

As someone who is busy but wants to keep his truck looking great, I keep my eyes open for quality 2-in-1 cleaning products. I got a heads up from Chemical Guys about the popular Mr. Pink adding a Foam Party wash and wax formula that got my attention. My truck had a couple of weeks’ worth of spring pollen built up on it, so I decided to give the new formula a shot and show you the difference.

Using Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Foam Party Wash and Wax

Wash and Foam Cannon

Of course, the day I went to pull my pressure washer out, there was a cold front moving through. After waiting for the rain to quit, I grabbed my Big Mouth foam cannon, loaded it up, and got to work.


Using the Mr. Pink Foam Party Wash and Wax is no different than the original:

  1. Rinse your vehicle to remove debris
  2. Fill your foam cannon with water
  3. Add one to two ounces of formula to your foam cannon
  4. Fill a clean water bucket for your cleaning cloth
  5. Cover your vehicle with suds
  6. Clean the surfaces with your cloth (remember to rinse the cloth often in your clean bucket)
  7. Rinse off the soap
  8. Dry

If you aren’t using a pressure washer or don’t have a foam cannon, go with the two-bucket method. It’s the same process, but you use a second bucket to create your suds and apply them with a cloth.

I tend to go on the more concentrated side of the mix, so I used 1.5 ounces. The bottle has 16 ounces in it, so I’m getting about 10 washings per bottle.


Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Foam Party Wash and Wax ResultChemical Guys Mr. Pink Foam Party Wash and Wax Result

At that concentration level, the suds came out dense with excellent coverage. That’s significant because the addition of a wax isn’t the only change from the original Mr. Pink formula. This one also generates more suds than before. When you’re using a foam cannon, the suds layer is even thicker on your vehicle.

More importantly were the results. Hitting priority number one, my truck was free of the pollen and dirt that had accumulated over the past couple of weeks. Shifting over to the polymer wax that’s in the mix, Mr. Pink Foam Party Wash and Wax left a gorgeous shine in just one step.

The cool thing about this formula over using a separate wax is that you don’t have to worry about messing up the look of your glass, vinyl, or rubber parts. Not only does it rinse away, but it will also clean those parts of your vehicle as well.

That left me with one major question… What if I’m using waxes, ceramic coatings, or other treatment products?

No problem. The Mr. Pink Wash and Wax formula is still PH neutral and won’t damage or remove other treatments you might be using.

Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Foam Party Wash and Wax Price

The original Mr. Pink is still available for $9.99 in the 16-ounce bottle. 64-ounce and 1-gallon bottles are also options. The Foam Party Wash and Wax formula is just $2 more—$11.99 for a 16-ounce bottle.

At the moment, the larger sizes aren’t available. However, I expect that may change as more people enjoy the 2-in-1 formula for a better shine between deeper detailing applications.

The Bottom Line

Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Foam Party Wash and Wax delivers on its promises to leave you with a clean exterior and a gorgeous shine. At a cost of less than $1.50 per wash, it’s an excellent choice for a weekly cleaning that can keep your vehicle looking great and extend the time between how often you need to jump on a full exterior detailing.

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