Best New Milwaukee Tools: February 2024 Update

Milwaukee puts out tons of new products every year—often well over 100! It can be tough to track everything, so we’ll keep you up to date with the best new Milwaukee Tools as they’re announced.

Pipeline took place in August, giving us a sneak peek at more than 100 recent and upcoming products. Some of these aren’t coming out until well into next year, so we’re going to focus on what’s about to launch on this page. If you want to check out every single tool that was announced, take a look at our Milwaukee Pipeline 2023 page.

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Best New Milwaukee Tools

Milwaukee MX Fuel 1HP 2-Inch Submersible Pump

Standing water on a jobsite can be disasterous and cause a number of problems, especially in the colder months. The Milwaukee MX Fuel 1HP 2-inch submersible pump eliminates the need for gasoline or generators which makes it pretty convenient on remote jobsites.

With a MX Fuel XC6.0 battery, this pump delivers up to 20 minutes of continuous runtime on high and can relocate up to 2,000 gallons per charge. This pump also has auto-sense technology that adjusts the output to match incoming flow, and will automatically shut off when water levels are low to avoid burning up the motor.

This is projected to hit the shelves in Q3, 2024.

Milwaukee MX Fuel 70kg Rammer

Maneuvering a full-sized plate compactor in tight spaces can be a little tricky, even for a seasoned Pro. That’s where the more the more compact Milwaukee MX Fuel 70kg Rammer comes in handy! This rammer features a centralized control panel for making easy adjustments on the fly, and allowing you to maintain greater control and stability.

Paired with a MX Fuel Forged HD 12.0Ah battery, you can expect up to 25 minutes of continuous runtime, or, roughly 1/4 mile of compaction.

This is projected to hit the shelves in Q2, 2024.

MilwaukeeMX Fuel Portable Battery Extension

The Milwaukee MX Fuel Portable Battery Extension allows you to remotely connect the large MX Fuel batteries to the tools. This reduces the overall weight of the handheld tools, ultiately reducing fatigue over the coarse of the work day.

This extension can be worn as a backpack or placed on the ground nearby while using handheld equipment. Additionally, it’s compatible with all MX Fuel tools and batteries.

This is projected to hit the shelves in Q2, 2024.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Overhead Rotary Hammer with Integrated Dust Extractor

This Milwaukee M18 Fuel Overhead Rotary Hammer is specifically designed for ceiling drilling and features an onboard dust extractor. The 2-in-1 design is lighter than previous M18 models and the improved ergonomics make it more comfortable than ever. The redesigned side handle is located near the back of the tool, allowing you to maintain a good posture while you’re working.

This rotary hammer utilizes and SDS Plus chuck and can confidently drill up to a 5/8-inch hole in concrete. Additionally, thanks to the onboard dust extractor, this rotary hammer maintains Table 1 compliance.

We’re happy to report that Milwaukee included AutoStop kickback protection and One-Key which offers you customizable settings and enhanced protection against over-rotation while drilling.

This is projected to hit the shelves in May, 2024.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Packout Dual Battery 9-Gallon Dust Extractor

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a ton of cool Packout compatible tools and accessories hit the market, and The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Packout 9-Gallon Dust Extractor is no exception. This dual-battery dust extractor offers corded performance with cordless convenience. Thanks to the dual automatic filter cleaning, it’s able to maitain suction and reduce downtime.

Milwaukee included their Vaclink technoloy that allows you to wirelessly activate this dust extractor via a remote or other Bluetooth enabled tool. This dust extractor also has an integrated low-flow alarm to indicate when dust extration is insufficient, ultimately enhancing jobsite safety.

This is projected to hit the shelves in Q4, 2024.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 6 1/2-Inch Circular Saw

The updated Milwaukee M18 Fuel 6 1/2-Inch Circular Saw gained improvements in both speed and cutting power that Pros are sure to appreciate. This saw tops out at 6,000 RPMs and has a max cutting depth of 2-1/4 inches. When paired with an M18 High Output XC6.0 battery, Milwaukee tells us to expect up to 300 cuts per charge—perfect for all-day use.

As with previous models, this saw has positive bevel detents at 22.5° and 45°, but Milwaukee also added depth detents at 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1-1/2 inches. This is intened to enhance productivity and accuracy when making adjustments.

This is projected to hit the shelves in Q2, 2024.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Duplex Nailer and Nails

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Duplex Nailer aims to increase productivity and efficiency during concrete form assembly. This cordless nailer can fire up to four nails per second, outpacing traditional hammer and nail applications. Milwaukee equipped this nailer with tool-free jam clearance and depth drive adjustments to reduce potential downtime.

This nailer is exclusively compatible with Milwaukee’s collated duplex nails. These nails feature a larger top and increased spacing between the nail heads so they’re easier to pry out at the end of the job. The nails are availble in two sizes—8D, with 2-1/4 inches driveable depth, and 16D, with 3 inches of drivable depth.

This is projected to hit the shelves in Q3, 2024.

Milwaukee M18 Quik-Lok Attachment Expansion

As Milwaukee is beefing up its OPE lineup, they’re not leaving the M18 Fuel Quik-Lok attachment system behind. Five new attachments are on the way:

Cultivator 49-16-2739

Cultivator 49-16-2739Cultivator 49-16-2739
  • 9-inch tilling width
  • Four 9-inch diameter tine bolo blades
  • 41.5 inches in length
  • 9.4 pounds

Price: $249

Reciprocator 49-16-2794

Reciprocator 49-16-2794Reciprocator 49-16-2794
  • 9-inch blade diameter
  • 1/2-inch cut capacity
  • 4900 CPM
  • 38 inches in length
  • 5.2 pounds

Price: $399

Bed Redefiner 49-16-2795

Bed Redefiner 49-16-2795Bed Redefiner 49-16-2795
  • 3-inch trench width
  • 2.75-inch trrench depth
  • 2000 RPM
  • 35 inches in length
  • 6.3 pounds
  • Mud flaps
  • Skid plate

Price: $279

Hedge Trimmer 49-16-2796

Hedge Trimmer 49-16-2796Hedge Trimmer 49-16-2796
  • 20-inch knife length
  • 3/4-inch cut capacity
  • 3500 SPM
  • 41.2 inches in length
  • 4.3 pounds

Price: $169

Blower 49-16-2793

Blower 49-16-2793Blower 49-16-2793
  • 500 CFM
  • 120 MPH
  • 12 Newtons
  • 59 dB(a)
  • 34 inches in length
  • 4.6 pounds

Price: $159

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery String Trimmer

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery String TrimmerMilwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery String Trimmer

With both a dedicated string trimmer and string trimmer head for the Quik-Lok system, Milwaukee turned its attention to improving overall power for professional crews. Combining their PowerState brushless motor and a pair of M18 High Output batteries, Milwaukee now claims the title of the most powerful battery-powered string trimmer on the market. The torque values hit 2.5 Nm while the gas horsepower equivalent is 2.4 HP. Capable of using line up to 0.105-inch, it makes quick work of overgrowth.

Price: $399 bare tool, $699 kit with two 8.0Ah High Output batteries and a dual-port rapid charger

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual-Trigger Angle Grinder

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual-Trigger Angle GrinderMilwaukee M18 Fuel Dual-Trigger Angle Grinder

Milwaukee is taking some of its top angle grinder features and boosting the safety element with the 3986 M18 Fuel Angle Grinder. Working in the 5-inch class, this model has four speed settings ranging from 3500 to 8500 RPM, plus an electronic brake and Milwaukee’s AutoStop kickback control., and it’s One-Key compatible.

The major new development is the dual trigger system. A second trigger is on the permanently fixed side handle, ensuring the operator always has two hands on the tool while working. It’s similar to the concept we saw from the M18 Fuel Dual Trigger Band Saw. When you want to ensure your crew is working in the safest way possible, the two hands required design ensures they aren’t taking shortcuts.

Milwaukee M12 Auto Technician Borescope

Milwaukee M12 Auto Technician BorescopeMilwaukee M12 Auto Technician Borescope

When you need clarity in automotive inspection, consider what the Milwaukee M12 Auto Technician Borescope has to offer. Needing just 5mm for access, it has a 3-foot flexible cable with a built-in temperature sensor shuts the unit down if the vehicle’s temperature poses a damage risk to the high-definition front and side cameras. In the event that something does go wrong, the scope is field replaceable to minimize downtime.

The 4.3-inch screen offers an excellent view behind the pistons, offers control of the camera’s four zoom levels and five LED brightness levels. It also rotates 270° to make sure you always have an upright view and a stable set down.

Price: $429 bare tool

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Telescoping Pole Saw

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Telescoping Pole SawMilwaukee M18 Fuel Telescoping Pole Saw

The M18 Fuel Telescoping Pole Saw is a much-anticipated standalone 10-inch model for those that don’t want to go with the Quik-Lok system. From a performance standpoint, it’s a beast. The brushless motor produces up to 2.35 HP and cuts with a 25.4 m/s chain speed, making cuts up to 30% faster than competing gas models. For reach, the saw ranges from 9 feet at its shortest to 13 feet fully extended.

Price: $599 bare, $799 kit with an 12Ah High Output battery and charger

Milwaukee M18 Force Logic Single Channel Strut Shear

Milwaukee M18 Force Logic Single Channel Strut ShearMilwaukee M18 Force Logic Single Channel Strut Shear

If you shear single channel strut on site, Milwaukee now has a cordless solution for you. A support plate and shear plane indicator ensure you’re able to make accurate cuts, while the shearing dies leave you with burr-free strut that’s ready to install without any deburring. It ends up saving you time on both the cutting end and clean up end, ultimately making you more productive and efficient.

This is another One-Key enabled tool. Connected to the system, you’ll get tracking, inventory management, and diagnostic features, as well as locking the tool out for security.

The kit with a 5.0Ah battery, charger, and 1 5/8-inch x 1 5/8-inch die is $3750. Additional dies are available separately.

Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 12-Ton Kearney Linear Crimper

Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 12-Ton Kearney Linear CrimperMilwaukee M18 Force Logic 12-Ton Kearney Linear Crimper

Milwaukee’s 12-ton Kearmey-style linear crimper is all about making crimping easier and faster with a simple align, crimp, repeat process. A 340° rotating head helps on the alignment side, while a balanced grip zone and shoulder strap help reduce your fatigue.

With a press of the button, Predictive Force Monitoring ensures there’s enough battery power to complete the crimp, crimps, resets for the next crimp, and stores the data, all in less time that in just took you to read this sentence. The tool is One-Key enabled for tracking, inventory management, diagnostics, and reporting, simplifying your work even after the crimping in done.

The kit with a 2.0Ah and a 5.0Ah battery along with a charger is $5299.

Milwaukee M18 Rotary Lasers and Accessories

Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 12-Ton Kearney Linear CrimperMilwaukee M18 Force Logic 12-Ton Kearney Linear Crimper

Over the next several months, Milwaukee is bringing three M18 rotary lasers to market, including a red exterior (3701, Nov ’23), green interior (3702, Dec ’23), and red dual-slope (3704, Mar ’24). This is a new class of tool for Milwaukee, but they’ve dialed in the design to thrive on jobsites. Here’s a quick look at what each one brings to the table:

Red Exterior
Green Exterior
Red Dual-Slope
Range w/Reciever 1000 ft radius
2000 ft diameter
500 ft radius
1000 ft diameter
2000 ft radius
4000 ft diameter
Speed 600 RPM 300/600/900 RPM 600/900/1200 RPM
Accuracy @ 100 Ft ±3/32-inch ±1/16-inch (hor)
±1/8-inch (vert)
±1/16-inch (hor)
±1/8-inch (vert)
Self-Leveling ±5° ±5° ±5°
Ingress Rating IP66 IP66 IP66
Drop Rating 1.5-meter straight
2-meter tripod
1.5-meter straight
2-meter tripod
1.5-meter straight
2-meter tripod
Runtime 70+ hrs
26 hrs
40+ hrs
Price $1199 basic kit
$1399 tripod kit
$1999 basic kit $1999 basic kit
$2199 tripod kit

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