Benchmade Cutlery 3-Piece Kitchen Knife Set Review

On the clock, I’m all about tools, but once it’s time to call it a day, I’m the cook in the house—a role I love. Given my enthusiasm in the kitchen, I was thrilled to get my hands on the Benchmade Cutlery 3-piece Kitchen Knife Set. If you’re wondering whether to pick it up for yourself or grab it as a gift for a loved one, I’ll walk you through my experience to help you decide.


  • Made in the USA using high-quality materials
  • Customizable
  • Expertly sharpened
  • Perfect balance
  • Full tang blade
  • Fee sharpening and maintenance for life


Customizing the Benchmade Cutlery 3-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

Customizing the Benchmade Cutlery 3-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

I’m currently carrying the Benchmade Redoubt as my EDC and I save my custom Bugout for select occasions, so I’m no stranger to Benchmade’s quality. My first foray into the cutlery scene was with the Meatcrafter—a knife I use frequently to prepare brisket and pork for the smoker.

Moving to the Benchmade 3-piece cutlery set, you get a Chef Knife, Utility Knife, and Paring Knife. You have the option to customize them, and I highly recommend you do. Benchmade knives are an investment with a quality Made in the USA build and giving them your own unique twist adds character that makes them stand out as yours.

Inside the custom designer, there are a lot of ways to build your set. Here’s a breakdown of what you can do:


Handle customizationHandle customization


  • G10: Black, blue, white, gray, deep red, or tan
  • Richlite: Gold, dark blue, or deep red (+40)
  • Carbon fiber: Black weave (+$235), Copper Twill (+$400)




Customizing the Benchmade Cutlery 3-Piece Kitchen Knife SetCustomizing the Benchmade Cutlery 3-Piece Kitchen Knife Set


  • Custom art upload
  • Pre-loaded designs (tons of options!)
  • Custom text


  • 440C: Stonewash (+$0), Polish (+$130), Black (+$230)
  • CPM154: Stonewash (+$100), Polish (+$200), Black (+$360)
  • Dama Baldur +$1200

The set I customized and that you see in the photos has a deep red G10 handle and stonewash CPM154 blade with no additional art or text.

Using the Benchmade Cutlery 3-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

Utility KnifeUtility Knife

The moment you pick up one of these knives, you can feel the quality of the well-balanced full tang blade paired with a contoured handle that fits like an extension of your hand.

I’ve been using these knives on a variety of kitchen tasks for slicing vegetables, chopping potatoes and onions, and slicing meat thick and thin. The edge that Benchmade puts on them is pristine.

Benchmade Cutlery 3-Piece Kitchen Knife Set ReviewBenchmade Cutlery 3-Piece Kitchen Knife Set Review

I’ve been able to make surgical slices through tomatoes without damaging the skin. Chopping root vegetables, even tough sweet potatoes, is ridiculously easy. My favorite so far has been using the Chef Knife to thin slice London broil and give it the perfect finish that makes such a tough cut of meat the highlight of a meal.

While I may not have the presentation skills of a Michelin star chef, Benchmade makes me feel like I’ve at least got the right tools to get there.

Benchmade Cutlery 3-Piece Kitchen Knife Set Cleaning and Sharpening

With knives of this quality, you really don’t want to run them through the dishwasher. Always hand wash them and dry them immediately. These knives are extremely sharp, so don’t just drop them in the sink and root around under a bunch of suds. Keep them in hand as you wash and avoid a trip to urgent care (though your doctor will likely be impressed with how clean the cut is).

Even with high-quality materials, your knives will begin to lose their edges over time. Fortunately, Benchmade offers their LifeSharp Guarantee. They clean your knives, perform any necessary maintenance, and return them to their original sharpness free of charge (you pay for shipping to Benchmade, they’ll cover the shipping back). Create the claim online, follow the instructions to ship them out and understand the meaning of “absence makes the heart grow fonder” as you wait for them to return.

Pro tip: hang onto the box your knives come in to make shipping easier. The cutlery set does not include sheaths.

Benchmade Cutlery 3-Piece Kitchen Knife Set Price

Your final price depends on which options you choose. The set starts as low as $750 and can be as high as $2350 with all the high-end options. The custom set I built was $850.

The Bottom Line

Whether it’s in the kitchen or out back grilling and smoking, I genuinely enjoy cooking. Just like having the right tools on the jobsite makes things more efficient with better results, so does having the right tools in the kitchen. Without a doubt, the Benchmade Cutlery 3-Piece Kitchen Knife Set includes exactly the right tools for the job. They’re expensive, but worth it for the rock star cook in your family. So, whether you’re looking to spoil yourself or the person that spoils you with their culinary mastery, give Benchmade cutlery serious consideration.

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