beflo Tenon Smart Adjustable Desk Review

At the Pro Tool Reviews’ headquarters and in our home offices, we have adjustable height desks. Having reviewed several models, one look at the beflo Tenon Smart Adjustable Desk suggested it was different. Now that I’ve assembled it and used it for myself, I’ll show you the key features, share what I’ve learned, and help you decide if it’s a good fit to upgrade your office.


  • Elegant, clean, modern look
  • Easiest adjustable desk assembly we’ve experienced
  • Incredibly well designed
  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Backlight enhances the room’s ambiance or your mood
  • Wide range of functional accessories that complement the style


  • Out of reach for some budgets
  • Only one desktop size to choose from

beflo Tenon Smart Adjustable Desk Basics

beflo Tenon Smart Adjustable Desk Profile

beflo aims to set itself apart by offering the Tenon as a luxurious adjustable desk with a modern look and smart technology. We’ll get into some of those details in a moment. For now, let’s start with the basics.

For starters, this was by far the easiest adjustable desk I’ve assembled. All the pieces fit how they’re supposed to and when you set the frame on the desk, the bolt holes line up perfectly. There are even fewer steps to the assembly compared to other desks. Right out of the gate, I sensed a higher standard of quality from beflo.

The desktop is either plywood or solid wood and 59 inches wide by 31.5 inches deep. As a personal desk with a computer and monitor, there’s a generous amount workspace around you where folders, documents, peripheral accessories, or equipment can sit and be seen. If you’re like me and eat at your desk frequently, you’ll appreciate the additional room.

The sides get a bevel treatment, so there are no sharp edges or corners to compound the damage if you bump into them.

Desktop EdgesDesktop Edges

The four legs are independent of one another, and each has its own motor. Without having a base connector between them, it adds to the modern, sleek look. At the same time, there’s no sense of instability.

The desk’s weight limit is 225 pounds. That’s not as high as some of the desks we use. Realistically, there are very few setups that would come even close to that weight, so unless you’re going for a lot of TikTok views by jumping up and down on it (hint: we’re not), you don’t have anything to worry about.

Underneath the feet, you have adjustments to deal with non-flat floors and the option to add caster wheels if you prefer.

Using the beflo Tenon Smart Adjustable Desk



Physically, the Tenon is already an elegant design. It gets even better with a built-in backlight. With customizable color and brightness, you can set it up to integrate into the ambiance of the room it’s in. You can also pick a color that helps create a more energetic or calming feeling for you.


beflo Tenon Smart Adjustable Desk Controlsbeflo Tenon Smart Adjustable Desk Controls

The main controls are on a touchscreen control pad. It’s flush with the desk, adding yet another element of refinement to the design.

To activate the controls, tap the screen, and then swipe up. From there, select what adjustments you want to make:

  • Desk height
  • Backlight brightness
  • Backlight color
  • Sit-stand reminders
  • Volume
  • LCD screen brightness
  • Desk setting

One of the really innovative things the beflo Tenon can do is sense your presence. Many adjustable desks can sense unexpected strikes and automatically stop. beflo does that, but also knows when you’re at the desk.

There’s an App for That

beflo has an app to connect to your desk via Bluetooth. In it, you’ll find most of the same functions on the control panel, but in a much different form. Once you open the app, here’s what controls you see as you swipe from left to right.

  • Desk height with presets
  • Backlight control
  • Backlight palette themes
  • Sit-stand reminders
  • Volume

The Slot

The SlotThe Slot

There’s a slot that runs the length of the desk across the back, and it’s there for more than just the look. It’s part of your cable management system, giving your cables a place to run that won’t break up the look of the desktop.

There’s also support beneath it that can hold your laptop, tablet, Remarkable, notebooks, folders, or other slim items. While we didn’t have it in time for the photos, I’m upgrading my home office with an ultra-wide monitor. With it in place, I no longer need my laptop screen, so I can leave the computer lip closed and, in the slot, clearing up that much more space and clutter.

Power and Cable Management

beflo Tenon Smart Adjustable Desk Outletsbeflo Tenon Smart Adjustable Desk Outlets

beflo includes four 120V outlets under the right side of the desk. For a complete workstation, you can have your computer, monitor, printer, and speakers connected through it. From a style perspective, you only have the desk’s power cord running down, and it’s easy to hide with cable concealers. From the functional standpoint, you never have to worry about whether you’re going to stretch your cable too far when you raise the desk. Either way you look at it, it’s a genius design.

Additionally, there are also USB-A and USB-C ports, along with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Remember the support under the desks that holds up items in the slot? It’s also your primary cable management system. Once you have everything set up, wrap your cables and put them inside that container. By the time it’s all said and done, it’s among the cleanest looks you can find on any adjustable desk.

Looking UpLooking Up


The main accessories all come in beflo’s Flow Kit, and it comes standard with the Premium desks. You can also purchase each of them separately. If you prefer.

  • Modesty panel: $297
  • Pebble Pro portable laptop docking station: $129
  • Sycline laptop holder: $99
  • Argil cable holder: $29
  • Clast under desk accessory mount: $19
  • Creek power cord cover: $19

Additionally, there are other accessories you can add:

  • Moss desk mat: $49
  • Slant laptop stand: $89
  • Horizon office light diffuser: $149
  • Basalt monitor stand: $483
  • Obsidian aroma diffuser: $59 (replacement block: $29)
  • Eclipse minimalist desk lamp: $59
  • Mica wireless charger: $69
  • Plateau desk shelf: $349

beflo Tenon Smart Adjustable Desk Price

Your final price is based on what level you want. Prices range from $2299 to $3180, and the Premium version includes beflow’s Flow Kit with several useful accessories to help organize your desk.

The Bottom Line

If all you need is a surface to put your stuff on, this desk is not for you. The beflo Tenon Smart Adjustable Desk is a modern, elegant, and functional piece of furniture that integrates into the room to create an elevated state of mind. If you’re looking for an adjustable desk that can help bring a sense of peace and productivity to your workspace, the beflo Tenon is exactly what you need.

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