Bandelier National Monument Bans Air Overflights

Commercial air tours over Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico will be banned later this year under an air tour management plan reached by the National Park Service and the Federal Aviation Administration.

The plan approved February 29 and set to take effect in six months prohibits commercial air tours over the park and within one-half mile outside its boundary to protect natural and cultural resources, sacred tribal places, wilderness areas, and visitor experiences.  The operator currently offering commercial air tours over the park may continue to conduct air tours within the plan’s boundary up to the limit of their Interim Operating Authority and until their Operation Specifications are amended, at which time no commercial air tours will be allowed within the air tour management plan boundary. 

“The Bandelier National Monument Air Tour Management Plan reflects the engagement and input by many stakeholders. Prohibiting commercial air tours protects the cultural and spiritual significance of these lands to tribes, and ensures the park experience desired by visitors,” said Superintendent Patrick Suddath.

The Air Tour Management Plan aligns with the park’s purpose and was developed in consultation with tribal nations with lands within or adjacent to Bandelier National Monument and with tribes that attach historic and cultural significance to resources within the park. 

The final air tour management plan is available at the Planning, Environment & Public Comment website here

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